Top reasons for flying privately with your pets

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Beyond just being a luxury for pet travelers, flying with pets can be quite practical and purposeful for pet owners. Our Private Jets team is experienced with the accommodations for pets and make arrangements for our customers to fly with pets. While the benefits of flying privately with your pet provides peace of mind and convenience. Logistics may play a role in the decision to fly private as maybe you have multiple animals and even larger breeds. Request pet travel accommodations with us at any time.

Family vacation

vacationing with pets

Pets are family, so for many pet owners, leaving them behind on a family trip is out of the question! Whether going to the Caribbean for Spring Break or for a ski trip during the winter, being able to share the experience means so much more with your pet on board. Flying privately with your pet means you get to also share a personalized private flight experience with your pet by your side as you explore the world.



moving with pet relocation

Moving can be quite stressful, especially on animals. We have helped our customers relocate their pets to their new homes quite often. Whether transporting almost a dozen cats from Hawaii to the mainland or bringing a whole family with their children and 2 large dogs, the Air Partner team can provide exactly the safest transport solutions for those who are moving from one place to the other.


Work-related travel

work related pet travelWhether you are going on an extended business trip or a bit of bleisure, or if your line of work keeps you away from home frequently, bringing your pet along is a sensible solution. Flying privately makes it more convenient for pet owners with business travel requirements to get where they need to go and stay on schedule, along with the companionship of their favorite furry friend.


Emotional support

We all know someone who has their beloved fur baby registered as emotional support animal just to be able to fly with them. During the pandemic, when travel restrictions were more stringent, we saw many new customers flying privately as a solution for flying with their dogs. Often people may fly their pets privately to support their pets well-being. This may be a major consideration, especially for older or more sensitive animals.


Discuss with us your plans, requirements and options for flying privately with your pets.

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