The benefits of private jet charter this holiday season

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

With the holiday season arriving, we are all by now extra-aware of the precautions to take when traveling. This year, COVID-19 brings about new and important considerations during the peak season period for air travel. We remain dedicated to providing the best private flight services for our customers during these unprecedented circumstances. As you plan your traditional seasonal festivities or winter vacations, we look forward to helping you fly in the safest possible way so you can see your loved ones or enjoy your vacation.

During the holidays, we also recommend booking your charter as early as possible. Here are a few reasons to consider private air charter for your holiday travel.

Fly in the comfort of your own private cabin

While private charter typically allows to you to avoid busy and even crowded airports, having your own private aircraft gives you greater confidence and more peace-of-mind during your flights. So that your flight is both comfortable and hygienic, we stay attuned to meeting any specific holiday travel needs. From transporting families safely to their second homes and favorite destinations to making arrangements for pets to fly onboard, flying privately has many advantages.  With safety concerns, we have seen that people are upgrading their cabins for more space and accommodate larger families.

Traveling for work? For those who must fly for essential business during the peak travel season, private flights have allowed for travel bubble solutions that equally help to maintain social distance, limit unnecessary exposure, and expedite a quick return home.

Customize your trip and itinerary to your liking

With time being as precious as it is during the holidays, private jet charter offers many benefits that keep you in control of the schedule, destination and cabin environment. We always ensure your in-flight experience is personalized for an exceptional trip. Having onboard catering, WiFi and reading literature is sure to keep everyone satisfied and entertained along the way, especially for long-haul private flights. When you need to book the most direct trip, our Private Jets team can route you to the nearest and most convenient airports or FBOs, arriving at a private terminal to avoid any crowds. Our team can also organize ground transportation wherever you arrive.  If you are traveling to more than one destination, you can plan a multi-city flight itinerary according to your desired holiday schedule.

Change of plans? You can rely on your dedicated Account Manager and our 24/7 global support team to assist with any travel plan changes or respond to any last-minute requests.

Travel anywhere with greater certainty

For every chartered flight, we ensure your private jet arrangements are according to your specifications. To keep you and your loved ones safe, our air charter specialists help mitigate the risks while traveling, limit your exposure with COVID-19 safeguarding practices, and get you where you need to be quickly. And in any event, our team can advise on the most reliable and up-to-date information regarding travel restrictions while planning your holiday trip, so you can plan a ski weekend or island retreat.

Interested in private jet membership? Along with the benefits of private jet charter, our unique and flexible JetCard program offers private fliers fixed-hourly rates, guaranteed availability without blackout dates, flexible flight cancellation, and roundtrip discounts. Learn more.

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