The benefits of chartering a Private Jet this Ski Season 

Thursday, January 13, 2022

The ski season has always been a popular time to travel, we are already seeing an increase in demand for last-minute private jet flights as more travelers are looking to get in some long awaited ski action. We advise those planning on traveling this ski season to book now to guarantee availability for their preferred travel dates. 
With many commercial airlines expecting to provide a reduced service this ski season, demand for available flights is likely to be high. For added reassurance of safety, flying private will ensure your person-to-person exposure is mitigated by avoiding commercial airports. When you fly private, you are in control. You choose the aircraft and exactly where you want to fly, meaning you are able to fly closer to your destination when you fly private. 
Alongside the additional safety measures in place, many resorts are also offering guests flexibility on their booked trips, with the ability to amend or cancel planned bookings should the need arise. Flexibility when you travel is paramount during these times, which is why we are also offering flexible cancellation options on all our private jet services, giving you complete peace of mind when you book this ski season. 
Flying private has never been more accessible. With our suite of flexible private jet services, including On Demand, On Demand+ and our range of JetCard membership options, you can choose exactly how you want to fly. With guaranteed availability, no extra fees to amend or cancel your flight, an all-inclusive hourly rate, and many more member benefits, JetCard gives you ultimate flexibility in these uncertain times. 
As a rule of thumb following these simple tips will help Air Partner to manage the technically challenging scenario of winter flying to deliver the best travel experience. 
• Flying on weekdays always offers more flexibility than the weekend in terms of slot availability. 
• Try not to schedule arrival or departure within 1 hour of airport closing times (Air Partner can advise depending on the time of sunrise or sunset). 
• Keep Air Partner’s 24-hour Operations team’s details saved in your phone / +44 1293 844 888. Our experts are on hand to interpret weather forecasts and advise you accordingly. 
• Consider that Alpine airports do not publish aviation weather until they have been open for at least 20-30 minutes. Until this time we have to do our best to interpret likely weather patterns using nearby International gateways. 
• Always tell your Account Manager which resort you are trying to get to so that we can check that you have the best airport in mind. 
• Pass details of your chauffeur company or chalet manager to Air Partner so that we can coordinate your arrival and departure appropriately. 
• If you are flying with skis, snowboards, boot bags or helmets please tell your Account Manager so that they can make the appropriate aircraft recommendation. 
• If you require in-flight catering please speak with the Air Partner team so that we can ensure you are fueled ready for your arrival on the slopes. 
• Finally, please bear in mind that mountainous weather can change quickly and is sometimes unpredictable. We will take all endeavours to make sure you are advised accurately, however, in the circumstance of unforeseen weather disruption, we cannot make any guarantees where our primary responsibility must be to ensure your safety at all times. 
During these changeable times it is important to keep up-to-date with the latest travel requirements and follow the respective governmental travel advice of the countries you are visiting. Please forward any applicable vaccination certificates, locator forms and PCR/Antigen test results, where applicable. If you are unsure of any requirements, please contact your Account Manager for guidance. 

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