Private Jet Market Update During COVID-19

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

We’ve already noticed an increase in private jet demand and we expect this to grow as more countries emerge from lock down and loosen their travel restrictions. To help you navigate your travel plans in the wake of COVID-19, we put together key market trends and our advice for traveling at this time.

Private jet charter to bridge the gap left by scheduled services

While we expect commercial airlines to start recovering as travel demands increases following the relaxation of travel restrictions, it is likely to take time for them to resume the frequency and availability of routes offered before the crisis. It is also widely known that many airlines sadly may not survive the challenging times we have faced. During the crisis, we have already provided charter services for clients who would usually rely on scheduled services. We anticipate this trend to continue, with private jet charter bridging the gap for routes that are not viable by scheduled services.

The value of a controllable environment to generate demand

In addition to providing availability, the privacy offered by charter is more valuable than ever and we expect private jets to be used as an alternative, safer way to fly where scheduled flights may have been used. Commercial airlines are putting safeguarding strategies in place, but it is likely to take time and you will never have full control of your environment. Charter on the other hand, enables you to keep your risk of exposure to an absolute minimum. You control who you travel with and you will only interact with people outside of this group where absolutely necessary and always at a social distance. The safety measures we have put in place across our flights ensure you can minimize your risk at every stage of your journey. Ultimately, charter gives you far more control over your risk of exposure.

Charter to be regarded as a necessity for essential business travel

Due to many of the reasons mentioned above, we expect more businesses to consider private jet charter for essential travel than before the crisis. While we anticipate business travel as a whole to be reduced to the essential trips, charter is likely to be considered for critical business trips due to availability and safety. As a result, flying privately is likely to be increasingly viewed as a necessity in the current climate, rather than a luxury. Throughout the crisis, we have helped businesses in sectors such as oil & gas to continue critical work through customized shuttle programs with additional safety measures. We expect demand to increase across other sectors and to work closely with businesses to meet their specific health and safety requirements.

Maximizing value of charter for leisure trips by up scaling aircraft size

Those who usually rely on first-class and business-class travel will reconsider the value of charter and look at how they can maximize the cost of chartering an aircraft. As a result, we may see people travelling in larger groups and upscaling their private jet aircraft, keeping the relative cost per head down. Looking at broader travel trends, we expect new, more remote destinations to be favored over city breaks and the traditionally popular busy hotspots.

In response to COVID-19, we have put additional safety measures in place on all our flights, and we are offering flexible cancellation options across our suite of private jet services. 

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