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Friday, February 22, 2019

Our dedicated Account Managers have the expertise to guide you through the most suitable arrangements to meet your requirements, however, here are just a few examples of aircraft which are popular with sports teams. Chartering an aircraft gives you control over the flight schedule, destinations and on-board service for the team. We can also assist with our ServicePLUS program, customizing anything from providing headrest covers with the team's badge, to branding the exterior of the aircraft.

Best for domestic matches: Embraer 145 and CRJ200

Recommended for: These aircraft are popular choices for sports travel for smaller teams or athletic divisions. The ERJ 135/145 offer high performance, speed and range. 

Seating:  The Embraer 145 offers a 2x1 seat configuration and the CRJ 200 offers a 2x2 configuration. On the smaller end of the scale, aircraft such as the Embraer 135 offers 37 coach seats, while the larger model Embraer 145 searing capacity is 50 passengers. The Bombardier CRJ 200 offers 50 coach seats as well.  

Range: Up to 2.5 to 3 hours (Embraer 145), and 6 hours (CRJ200). Long Range aircraft models (ERJ135LR, ERJ145LR, and CRJ200LR) can take groups traveling coast to coast.

Overview: Popular with teams flying short distances, the Embraer 145 is an economic and efficient way of traveling for teams, carrying up to 50 passengers, but has limited space in the hold so is popular with teams who take their equipment via road. The CRJ200 offers exceptional air quality with 100% non-recycled, fresh air and a quiet cabin. 

Best for pro teams: Boeing 737-300 VIPBoeing 757-200 VIP and Boeing 767-300ER 

Recommended for: Larger teams, such as the NFL, NBA, and NHL, opt for Boeing aircrafts. 

Seating: 2x2 business class cradle seats with 135 degree recline. Ranging from 62 to 80 business class seats. The Boeing 767-300ER, the aircraft used for the New England Patriots plane, offers 100 first class seats or a mixed configuration with 24 first class seats. 

Range: Boeing 737-300 VIP has up to 5 hours range and Boeing 757-200 VIP has up to 7.5 hours range. For extended range travel, the Boeing 767-300ER can go up to 5900 nautical miles. 

Overview: These aircraft are popular with teams traveling for elite competitions and we have seen a rise in teams chartering VIP airliners over the years. They also used for pre-season training camps and can be suitable for regular season matches. Accommodating up to 80 passengers, depending on aircraft, the business class seats mean the team can travel in comfort and VIP catering is typically included for flights of more than two hours. 

Best for global pre-season tours and international games: Airbus A340 VIP

Recommended for: Pre-season tours and global games are a perfect match for the Airbus A340 aircraft range and comfort levels makes it an ideal choice for transatlantic travel. 

Seating: Lie flat business class seats 

Range: Up to 12 hours 

Overview: This aircraft can accommodate up to 100 passengers and its VIP features make it a popular choice to ensure that players arrive at the destination well rested. As well as lie flat business class seats, VIP catering and in-flight entertainment is included. 


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