On Board Courier FAQs

What is an On board Courier or a hand-carry shipment? 

An Onboard Courier (OBC) moves small packages and documents on scheduled passenger flights - 24/7, 365 days a year. It is one of the fastest modes of cargo transportation and is also known as 'hand-carry'. We have been offering OBC services since 2007. 

Air Partner works with a global network of couriers with a variety of visas and high frequent flyer statuses/baggage allowances. They are carefully selected professionals with customs know-how, who are able to ensure secure and a smooth transportation of extremely urgent and sensitive smaller goods.

What does an Onboard Courier service include?

We can offer OBC solutions of any variety, from door-to-door or airport-to-airport services.   

What can be sent by OBC and are there any limitations? 

OBC consignments may be smaller consignments that a courier or numerous couriers, can transport on a passenger flight as hand luggage or checked-in luggage. We also arrange couriers to fly with shipments on private jets. 

Dangerous goods are not permitted, but common commodities can be automotive components, aerospace parts, confidential documents, electronics, fashion items or medical samples. Cooling equipment can also be provided for temperature-sensitive shipments. High-value items are not suitable for OBC due to insurance constraints.  

How quickly can you respond?

We deliver a quote within 20 minutes after your request - 24/7, 365 days per year to ensure the delivery process starts as soon as possible. Thanks to our experience and good relationships with airlines and airports, decisions can be made quickly and efficiently.  

Is my time-critical OBC delivery tracked? 

When you book with Air Partner, our exclusive online order confirmation and real-time tracking system RED-TRACK will give you total visibility at every stage of your shipment.

RED-TRACK enables online-contracting to accelerate the booking process. Your transport is then personally monitored every minute, 24/7. You will receive secure online access to track the delivery progress and SMS and email event notifications are sent to multiple contacts of your choice, giving you the complete control of who is notified of each stage of transportation. 

Can you fly anywhere? (visas)

Yes. However, it's subject to courier availability, but usually, we can cover visa requirements for any location globally, even if this may require the use of multiple couriers.

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