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Monday, August 5, 2019

Flying cargo to remote destinations can be challenging. Some destinations are situated off the beaten track and the closest airports are often small with shorter runways and not fully equipped with loading equipment, handling staff or fuel. It can be extremely risky to land with an aircraft in hostile natural disaster zones with extreme weather conditions.

As aircraft charter experts with over 55 years of experience we can help you with aircraft charter or OBC solutions to get your consignments securely and on time to any destination in the world. Whether your cargo needs to be delivered to the remotest of locations like mountains, deserts, the arctic or islands - there is almost no destination we haven’t operated a cargo jet to, so we are good prepared for deliveries to any extraordinary location.

Your personal account manager guides you throughout the whole charter process and if needed, one of our Air Partner representatives can be on site for the loading to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Here are some of our exciting missions we have completed for our clients.

Case Study 1: Greenland

Client:             Freight forwarder
Route:             Billund, Denmark – Station Nord, Greenland
Freight:           Equipment for expedition
Weight:           17,5t

We were called upon to fly a client’s equipment from Billund, Denmark, to Station Nord in Greenland for an Arctic expedition.

Air Partner located an Antonov 12 for the trip so that there would be enough storage capacity to accommodate the 17.5 tons of equipment needed for a long expedition in the Nordics, which included dangerous goods such as fuel and batteries. In total, there were 200 pieces packed on the aircraft, which were monitored by the two cargo attendants Air Partner had arranged to be on board to ensure that everything ran smoothly during the flight.

The flight operated with two fuel stops - the first at Trondheim in Norway and the second on the island of Spitsbergen in the Svalbard archipelago - as there would be no fuel available at the destination.

Freight is rarely flown to Greenland due to weather restrictions and other logistical factors, so there was a lot of planning required to get this flight off the ground. However, with the global Air Partner teams experience in complex cargo charter flight solutions to remote locations, the team was able to ensure the flight was operated in the most timely, efficient, and cost-effective way.

Case study 2: Kathmandu

Client:             Freight forwarder
Route:             Hong Kong – Kathmandu
Freight:           Medical equipment
Weight:           7t

Knowing our credentials as a worldwide charter aircraft provider, a German freight forwarder made contact with us regarding a 7 tons shipment of urgent medical equipment to be moved from Hong Kong to Kathmandu, on behalf of a large German healthcare corporation. The shipment included some large pieces including an MRT system (magnetic resonance tomography system) which was urgently required to be installed in the Kathmandu National Institute for Neurological Science.

Due to the bulky and dense nature, the cargo could not be transported by normal scheduled services, thus a charter was required. The most suitable aircraft for such a mission was the Antonov 12 ramp loading aircraft, however these aircraft are not usually permitted to operate into Hong Kong airport due to the high insurance premiums required. In addition, operating into Kathmandu also posed a challenge as all aircrew must receive special training in order to be able to operate to such a high-altitude airport.

Our experienced brokers from the German office ensured that extra insurance coverage was available for the duration of the operation so that the flight permission could be granted relatively quickly from the Hong Kong civil aviation authority. They also needed to assist the airline to make urgent arrangements for the crew to receive their special simulator training for Kathmandu, which they were able to complete at a training center near their home base prior to positioning to Hong Kong.

We were able to coordinate the flight arrangements with the authorities and handling agents to ensure that the flight performed to the client’s required schedule.

At Air Partner, no two cargo scenarios are treated the same. The Freight team offers bespoke solutions for every request it receives to ensure that its clients’ requirements are fulfilled safely and on time. With Air Partner’s dedicated 24/7 global flight support, clients can rest assured that the team will find an appropriate tailored solution, 365 days a year.


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