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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Plans change. The unforeseen happens. But we are always there to get you where you need to be, even if its at the eleventh hour. Over the past year, we’ve seen a noticeable increase in time critical flights. Due to last-minute change in plans, an emergency situation or a disruption to your journey, there are a host of reasons for the urgent requests we receive. Our 24/7/365 team are experts in reacting quickly and getting your plans off the ground. These are the reasons why you can rely on us when it really matters…

Round the Clock Service

We have a global flight operations team that are available around the clock, 24/7/365. This team are all highly trained specialists and have experience in the technical side of charter. They are responsible for monitoring each one of our flights, sending movement messages, monitoring the weather, putting last minute changes into action and solving technical issues. If weather affects the airport you are due to fly into, this team will make all the appropriate arrangements whilst you’re in flight, to ensure you land at the best and closest alternative airport and have a vehicle waiting to take you to your final destination. They go above and beyond every day to ensure you get to where you need to be, as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. Their round the clock service means you have peace of mind that you can always pick up the phone and speak directly with a specialist based in the UK.

We’re Experts

Our team have extensive aviation experience - many having worked in the industry for a lifetime, and our average length of service is 10 years. Our knowledge means we can react quickly, advise you clearly in a time pressured situation and put a plan into action. We pride ourselves on our reliability and our ability to deliver a knowledgeable service. We also have a specialist Emergency Air Evacuation service who work with multinational organisations to ensure the safety of their staff in unstable locations around the world. They are military trained, specialise in complex evacuation planning and can activate a plan to evacuate staff whenever required.

Global Network

With 58 years of experience, we have a vast network across the globe of suppliers. This means we can give you an excellent choice of aircraft as well as competitive pricing. With 18 locations worldwide, including offices in key European and US cities, we can leverage our team in the local markets to ensure we offer you the best options.

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