The changing future of business travel

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

After a long period of lockdown, travel restrictions in many countries began to ease. Encouraged, countless travellers made plans for upcoming trips only to see the reinforcement of several travel-bans a few weeks later. These new regulations have not only affected the leisure traveller, but are wreaking havoc on everyone’s schedule from sports teams to corporates and creating a lasting change in how these groups travel.

With safety and flexibility still a top priority, many discerning travellers are now turning to group charters as a low-risk and flexible solution to a variety of concerns. We view this as the beginning of a long-term change in the nature of business travel.

In times like these, when meeting client demands is more important than ever, a spotlight has been shone on the advantages of group charters. As a result, we foresee private travel increasingly replacing the commercial first and business classes in the next few years. For businesses especially, who will increasingly prioritise the safety of their teams when travelling, charter flights will be the first port of call. We might even see a trend of companies with similar travel policies join in sharing jets for employees.

The bespoke nature of all Air Partner’s services also allows clients to request additional safety measures that may be specific to their needs. Whilst coronavirus remains a concern, the benefits of flying privately also extend to elements like socially distanced seating, minimized contact with external crew, and avoiding large airport crowds altogether. This has been especially crucial for clients such as those in the oil and gas industry who rely on our specialist services to mitigate risk on critical projects. Air Partner work with operators to ensure that excellent safety measures are in place on all flights. The regulations in place include, but are not limited to, regularly disinfecting aircraft, supplying PPE, and carrying out temperature checks before boarding. With further support from our security division, Redline, we can also offer solutions to mitigate risk and exposure through flights creating a lower risk environment for passengers travelling during the pandemic. 

At Air Partner, we understand that today’s travellers look for flexibility in all things, including cancellation terms. That’s why, with access to more than 7,000 aircraft, we are well positioned to accommodate everyone’s needs.

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