Benefits of Corporate Shuttles for Company Travel

For over sixty years, Air Partner has provided flexible and effective aircraft charter solutions that ensure our clients travel smoothly around the world. When it comes to custom transport solutions, our expert team is attuned to meeting the simplest needs to the greatest demands. 

When flying for business, we understand the need to prioritise productivity, employee safety and risk mitigation. This is why our dedicated experts design a flight programme around you and your businesses’ specific needs.

Here are the top reasons why your company should consider our tailored Corporate Shuttle Programme, VIP group flight arrangements and aviation consultancy. 

Flexible scheduling and greater access saves time

Private jet in aircraft hangar

Our Corporate Shuttle Programme allows you to book corporate aircraft with the convenience of flying to your desired timings. This gives you the freedom to access airports and private terminals recommended by our aviation experts where commercial airlines may not be able to fly. 

By flying by private jet, you and your employees can board the aircraft faster, avoiding extended security checkpoints and airport wait times. Additionally, you can expedite the process and improve the overall experience with ground transportation arrangements, baggage handling services and helicopter transfers to your destination upon request.

Flight arrangements of any complexity

Lady walking over to board group charter aircraft

Whether your company requires a one-time round-trip flight for employees or frequent travel for executives between cities, our team can arrange aircraft charter based on your specific needs and provide expert advice for any requested routes. Many of our customers especially benefit from being able to book multi-city itineraries, arrange flights during peak season, and make last-minute flight requests for urgent situations.

Expert customisation with 24/7 support

Our aviation experts possess a comprehensive understanding of corporate travel requirements across every industry to ensure that we can deal with your requests. We can uphold any strict flight requirements, including detailed specifications and travel policies. Your Account Manager handles every aspect of your flights, from unique aircraft customisation via our wide range of bespoke services, complex travel logistics and onboard preferences, so you and your employees can rest assured that the flight process is smooth and efficient. 

To find out more about our Corporate Shuttles Programme and how this will benefit your business, contact our experts today to discuss your requirements. 

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