Scenic cities to visit this winter by private jet

Thursday, November 14, 2019

The winter months can be the best time of year to visit some of the world’s most scenic cities. Often a quieter period, you can enjoy these stunning destinations in a more serene atmosphere, away from the busy peak season crowds. We’ve picked some of our favourite cities that we recommend you visit this year, each offering a unique and different experience.


A popular destination for city breaks, revel in Barcelona’s eclectic nightlife, sunshine and fabulous food. Split into barrios, each area is completely unique and ideally spaced to explore on foot. Characterised by architectural diversity, the world-renowned museums and galleries are a must-see. Barcelona’s only three Michelin-starred restaurant, Lasarte, is the ideal evening spot for refined Catalan cuisine. If you want somewhere to sit back and relax, the One Ocean Club is a private members club overlooking the harbour in Marina Port Vell.

Average winter climate: 14 degrees
Nearest airport: Barcelona airport
Approximate flight time from London: 2 hours
Recommended private jet cabin size: Midsize  


Tel Aviv

Nicknamed the ‘Mediterranean Capital of Cool’, Tel Aviv has a unique pulse with unexpected pleasures around every corner. Design Museum Holon is a temple of modernity on the outskirts of the city. Designed by Ron Arad in a striking, curvilinear structure, the museum draws comparisons to the Guggenheim. A place that offers endless pleasure, enjoy the world-class nightlife, wander the beach at dawn and be enraptured by the abundant fresh market produce – local olive oils, cheeses, giant watermelons, garlic bulbs as large as your fist. Unlike many beaches edging a city the sand is fine and white, and the water is clear and blue. There is plenty of first-class seafood and local dishes on offer, antique shops, contemporary boutiques, churches, museums – all framed by modernity meeting the past. A vibrant and exuberant city, Tel Aviv has the constant anticipation of a party.

Average winter climate: 19 degrees  
Nearest airport: Tel Aviv airport
Approximate flight time from London: 5 hours 05 min
Recommended private jet cabin size: Large 



Claimed to be the world’s capital of happiness, the Danish city has concert halls, restaurants, museums and bars aplenty. Make sure to bring a warm coat – during the winter months temperatures can plummet to -1. If you’re going ahead of Christmas, the Scandi markets are truly magical. With plenty to choose from throughout the city, source stocking-fillers whilst imbibing a glass (or three) of liquor along the way. Highlights of the city include the Louisiana modern art museum, Bredgade (a street brimming with 20th century art and antiques), the Opera House and Noma – pioneering New Nordic cuisine, it was ranked number two in the world’s best restaurants this year.

Average winter climate: 1 degree
Nearest airport: Copenhagen
Approximate flight time from London: 1 hour 45 min
Recommended private jet cabin size: Light 



Morocco is the sort of place you visit that as soon as you arrive, you know you’ll be back. Whether its how the Red City glows as the sun rises, the magicians and storytellers that move in knots through Jemaa el-Fna square or the thrill of haggling for rugs and copper trinkets in the bustling markets, it’s an extraordinary city. For true opulence, stay at the Royal Mansour. A verdant eight-acre paradise in Marrakech’s medina, it has cabanas, a pool, bar and outdoor restaurant. From the hand carved marble to the intricate mosaics, it will feel like your very own sanctuary whilst you’re waited on gracefully by the meticulously trained staff.

Average winter climate: 19 degrees
Nearest airport: Marrakech
Approximate flight time from London: 3 hours 35 min
Recommended private jet cabin size: Super Midsize



Meaning ‘smoky bay’, Reykjavik is the world’s most northern national capital. Known for its striking landscape, expect to wake up to moss-covered lava fields, ancient volcano cones and brooding skies. You don’t have to go far from Reykjavik to experience Iceland’s awe-inspiring nature. Take a super jeep to the Gullfoss waterfalls and explosive Geysir. Bathe in the Blue Lagoon or sail out from the harbour to see whales in their natural habitat. Whilst it can go below freezing during the winter months, you have a much better chance of seeing the Northern Lights. The city itself has a cool daytime demeanour with clean streets and clapperboard houses that belong in a fairy tale, but it gives way to lively nights, with trendy bars and creative restaurants.

Average winter climate: 2 degrees
Nearest airport: Reykjavik
Approximate flight time from London: 2 hours 50 min
Recommended private jet cabin size: Super Midsize

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