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Sunday, May 24, 2020

As the world begins to mobilise again, we are seeing an uplift in demand for private jet charter with new bookings being made for the coming months. Not only will charter bridge the gap left by cancelled and cut scheduled services, but it also offers the most controllable environment for travel to minimise your risk of exposure to COVID-19, supported by the added reassurance and measures provided by our Safety & Security division. Here are some reasons to consider private jet charter during these uncertain times.

Minimised exposure to the virus

Our Charter team are collaborating closely with our world-leading Safety & Security division to optimise the risk management and advice that we provide to private jet clients; a consolidated offering unrivalled in the private jet market. Our assured security division, Redline, are responsible for advising airports, airlines and critical national infrastructure properties and are playing a key role to help the aviation industry reassess security and risk in the context of COVID-19. They are currently advising top corporates on the best procedures for groups travelling, as well as providing standard operating practices to minimise risk. Leveraging their experience and knowledge, we are able to provide guidance and advice to create a controlled environment for the duration of your journey with us and minimise risk of your exposure to COVID-19.

Increased safety procedures for all flights

As well as the specialist services we can deliver through Redline, we are following standard industry practices including the provision of PPE on all flights, disinfecting the aircraft and ensuring social distancing is followed by all flight crew. We have worked closely with all our partners to put operating practices in place to ensure your crew understands how to effectively minimise risk. All crew will be examined prior to flight and will undergo regular medical consultations. All food and drink arrives at the aircraft sealed and secure. You also have access to a range of aircraft types including those the latest cabin air recirculation technology.

Reliable solutions in an uncertain time

The cancellation of many scheduled flight routes and the rate of recovery of commercial airlines translates to uncertainty for those wanting or needing to travel in the wake of COVID-19. Private jet charter offers a reliable alternative, where you are in control of the schedule, destination and cabin environment. We expect an influx of new private jet flyers in the coming months, as people understand the value of private jet charter and how it can bridge the gap for first class and business class flights during this time.

Flexible cancellation so you can book ahead

To help you book ahead with peace of mind in what are unprecedented and uncertain times, we have introduced flexible cancellation for all our customers. Available across our suite of private jet services, we are providing flexible options to safeguard your flight.

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