In the cabin with Greta Dragotta: Private Jets Manager, Italy

In the cabin with Greta Dragotta

With impressive experience, a wealth of industry relationships, and an unwavering commitment toGreta Dragotta providing extraordinary customer service, in January 2024, Greta Dragotta was charged with managing Air Partner’s private jet offering in Italy. An absolute expert in her field, Greta is already off to a flying start. We got together to chat about her love for all things aviation, emerging trends in the industry, and how she ensures a seamless service time and time again. 

This interview featured in our Air Partner Spring/Summer Private Jets Magazine.

Tell us about your role at Air Partner.  

As Private Jet Manager for Italy, I look after the needs of our existing clients, build and maintain strong relationships with operators and industry partners, and expand our ever-growing portfolio and client base in the region. The role is incredibly dynamic, so I’m loving it. As a business, our goal is always to provide top-notch service and ensure that every aspect of our clients’ experience exceeds their expectations. From the feedback so far, I feel we are already achieving that and can only build on this great start. 

What is your background in the industry?  

My journey in aviation actually began at Air Partner back in 2017. I was here for two years before joining a small private jet brokerage that also owned some aircraft, as I was keen to gain experience developing a team from scratch as well as first-hand knowledge of the operator side of the industry. While the start-up experience was invaluable, I returned to Air Partner to further my career as part of a globally respected organisation with a worldwide presence. I’m thrilled to be back and am looking forward to growing the Italian team. 

What first attracted you to working in aviation?  

I’ve always been passionate about travel and exploration, so I knew I wanted to work in this sector, but I just wasn’t sure which part of it. When I first entered the private jet industry, I instantly fell in love. It’s challenging, fast-paced, and every day is different, which I enjoy. Interacting with UHNW and VIP clients is also a rewarding experience, and their appreciation for the service we provide makes it even more fulfilling. 

How do you ensure a seamless service for your clients?  

I think an area where we really excel is in the level and detail of our planning. A lot goes into getting a customer from A to B, especially during periods of high demand or at short notice, so it allows us to always be ten steps ahead and mitigate any potential issues before they arise. There is a huge amount of work going on behind the scenes that, because we do our job well, the customer will never know about!  

Do you value building relationships?  

Absolutely. Relationships are very important from both a client and an operator perspective, and it is one of the things that really sets us apart in the industry. Having strong operator relationships ensures our clients can benefit from increased flexibility, better prices, and better cancellation policies. It also makes it possible for us to secure the ideal aircraft whenever it is needed. For example, I recently had to fly a client to Zurich at very short notice and managed to not only access the right aircraft but have them in the air in under 1 hour – this wouldn’t be possible without the relationships we build. 

From a customer perspective, our strong industry reputation helps us to build trust. But our personal relationships, 24/7 availability, and seamless service delivery, even in high-pressure situations, are what really cements it. I also think that little touches go a long way – from remembering what newspaper a client likes to their dietary preferences and preferred plane configuration.  

Have you seen any emerging trends in the industry?  

A trend I love is the increase in clients flying with their pets. Private flights don’t just give you flexibility and control over your itinerary, but they let you determine who your travel companions are, no matter how big, small, or furry they may be. On our flights, pets can freely roam the cabin, enjoy custom menus, and receive lots of attention from our experienced crew, which many of our customers really appreciate.  

Do you get many bespoke requests?  

I love special requests and bringing people’s ideas to life. My favourite was when we decorated the jet for our client’s honeymoon flight from Milan to Zanzibar. We lined the approach to the aircraft and the stairs with candles and had their wedding flowers and cake inside, as well as both their country flags. They were blown away, and it helped to make their trip even more memorable.  

Where would your dream private jet destination be?  

Definitely Greece! I love the food, culture, and beautiful islands. I’d choose somewhere I haven’t explored before, so perhaps a bit of island hopping to visit Milos and Zakynthos. My dream jet would be the Lineage 1000 so I can travel with friends and family, but I’d take a Citation XLS for a smaller group.  

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Greta. If you’d like to find out more about our Private Jet offering in Italy, please get in touch with us.

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