Helping you keep supply chains running during COVID-19

Friday, May 21, 2021

Due to the current COVID situation the freight transport capacity on scheduled aircraft has been drastically reduced on many routes worldwide and more logistical challenges are created each day. We want to keep your supply chains running during COVID. We can support you with widebody charter options (full and part charter) but availability is changing very quickly.

We have put together some things to consider when booking your next charter flight in order to act as quickly as possible and save availability to get your cargo on the way, fast and on time.

Provide as much information as possible

The more information we can obtain from you from the beginning, the quicker and more helpful we can be in obtaining the correct solution for you. Tell us the exact locations for pick-up and final delivery. The closest airport to collection is not always the most suitable and large airports are often busy and expensive. Your charter broker can help you to find alternative cargo-friendly airports which are close to your destination and less congested. After all, it is important to have the freight loaded onto the charter aircraft as quick as possible.   

Provide the correct information

As well as having detailed information about the shipment, it is important that the information is correct so that the broker can focus on the correct solution from the beginning. Giving the exact dimensions avoids the expensive surprise of a larger than expected crate turning up on the day of departure and not fitting into the aircraft. Similarly, this applies to the weight of the shipment. Due to the general lack of freighter availability to cover current demand, we are also chartering passenger aircraft on behalf of our clients, so cargo dimensions are even more critical.

Keep the communication alive 

Communication is key; therefore, we understand the need to keep you informed as much as possible so that you can inform your client accordingly.

Assume you get the right contractual conditions 

Ensure that the contracting terms with your broker are fair and measured to the charter flight and that all costs are inclusive. This is not provided by all brokers in the marketplace. At Air Partner, we set a high value on reliable and clear contracting terms with no additional costs to be expected.

Make sure to have a broker involved to secure the best charter price and to fly on time 

The benefit in working with a broker rather than directly with an operator is indisputable. The broker has buying power and the full overview of the market availability and pricing. The broker negotiates the best possible terms for the client rather than the airline dictating their own terms. Also, the broker can identify potential charter risks early on, about which an airline might not be so forthcoming. For example, in the current climate, traffic rights in order to operate flights, have longer processing times and the broker is required to ensure that all formalities are completed in time.

Follow the recommendations of your charter broker

A good broker will be able to provide information on varying factors such as availability, rate fluctuations, traffic rights and current airport restrictions. It is important that this is seriously considered before the transport is booked. They will have a back-up plan in place or offer alternative options to ensure risks are mitigated, and delivery deadlines are met. 

Air Partner offers an experienced, personal and integrated service. We provide quick and reliable charter solutions and advise you along the entire logistical process, always putting your needs first. With our dedicated 24/7 global flight support, clients can rest assured that the team will find the quickest tailored solution – 365 days a year, 24/7.

Contact us as soon as possible to guarantee your freight charter options at the best price.

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