Avoid flight disruption this summer

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

That glorious time of year is already upon us; the summer holiday period. Every year, we hold our breath in the hope that there won’t be any disruption to our journey and we won’t be one of the unlucky ones to have booked our big plans during that one month, week or day that a strike has happened, or when IT systems have been affected by the high volume of travellers.

A report by the BBC in 2017, ranked airports around the UK based on the highest changes of delays, Gatwick, Belfast and Luton main airports all ranked highest for over 30 minute delays. This week, strikes at Heathrow, and rumours of other airports, threaten to shut down the airport on Friday with more dates planned throughout August as 4000 workers walk out. The unwanted news is always looming during the critical time when most of us will be planning to fly away to faraway destinations.

When you’re wanting to make the most of your precious time off, flying by private jet can transform your summer getaway experience, providing you with the peace of mind that you are in control of your journey.

If you are looking to avoid the chaos from these strikes and minimise your time travelling, private jet flights are worth considering this summer. It allows you the flexibility to travel on your own terms, on the day and time that suits you, as well as offering the peace of mind that you have a charter specialist looking after every detail of your flight. At Air Partner, we pride ourselves on our reliability and experience. On the very rare occasion of an issue with your private flight, you have the support of an expert team with relationships across the globe to ensure you get to where you need to be, as well as a unique guarantee of a back-up aircraft.

The skies are busy during the summer months, even for private jet flights, so we have put together some recommended alternative airports for some of our most popular destinations to ensure you have the best private flying experience possible. Our expert Account Managers are of course on hand for any advice, or we can provide you with a quote for your trip - just get in touch.


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