Private Charter to Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN)

Located in Hailey, Idaho, within the stunning Gem State, you can find the Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN), conveniently situated to the north of Bellevue and surrounded by breathtaking mountains on three sides, including the north, east, and west.

Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN) is just 14 miles south of Sun Valley, a resort town famous for its impressive resort ski areas. Popular flight routes to and from Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN) include Friedman Memorial Airport to and from Seattle, Friedman Memorial Airport to Salt Lake City, Los Angeles- Van Nuys Airport, and Portland.

Opening times
Monday to Thursday: 08:00 am to 6:00 pm
Fridays: Closed


FBOs at Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN)

Atlantic Aviation
Atlantic Aviation is the only fixed-based operator offered by Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN).  Atlantic Aviation provides a wide range of amenities and services, including an executive lounge, conference room, and WiFi, among many others.

Where to visit when travelling to Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN)Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN) is conveniently located amid the charming Wood River Valley, a few miles from the exclusive Sun Valley, and in the heart of the majestic Central Idaho Rockies.

You will be enchanted by some of the world's best outdoor recreation and jaw-dropping views. In the Summer, enjoy activities such as horseback riding and mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, and other water sports.

During the colder months, you can enjoy the mountains by skiing or snowboarding. And if you feel like taking a break from the action, there are plenty of natural hot springs where you can unwind and relax.

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