Charter Cargo Heavy & Outsized Cargo

Heavy & Oversized Air Cargo

We provide access to a wide range of bespoke freight charter solutions for the transportation of your heavy and outsized items that cannot be easily loaded onto scheduled services. All your unique cargo is handled with care. 

Meeting your needs for outsized cargo freight

Outsized cargo requires detailed forward planning and frequent on-site visits. You can rely on our expertise 24/7 when it comes to aircraft capabilities, costing structures, operational processes, door-to-door transport and global aircraft availability. We have specialists with backgrounds in load planning, who are experts in securing the most suitable aircraft and airports as well as arranging the necessary special loading equipment for each particular project.

  • Nose-loading freighters.
  • Ramp-loading aircraft.
  • Aircraft with onboard cranes.
  • Advising and engineering of required transport frames.
  • External crane hire.
  • Oversized trucking with permits as part of the project if required.

At the core of every flight


Our dedicated account managers go above and beyond to create bespoke flights around you for a seamless experience.


We continue to set the benchmark for safety in aviation, which is why our Quality Management System far exceeds industry standards.


Founded in 1961, we have more experience than any other provider so you can trust you're in safe and reliable hands.