Charter Careers Air Partner Career Pathways - Dorota


Client Services & Operations Manager

"No two days are the same, it's an exciting business and I'm enjoying the opportunities to learn and grow."

When did you join Air Partner?

I began my journey with Air Partner in October 2022, stepping into the role of Client Services and Operations Manager. A significant part of my role involves overseeing the 24-hour Operations department, where we meticulously manage the flights for our clients.
We provide them with regular updates on their travel, ensuring they experience a seamless journey from start to finish. Additionally, I also manage the operations for a third-party airline customer, overseeing all their operational aspects.
After completing my Master’s degree in Marketing & Management / Technology, I immediately immersed myself in the aviation industry. Since 2008, I have been involved in various aspects of this dynamic field, starting my career in ground handling. Over the years, I’ve assumed several different roles in Passenger Services departments.

These roles had me overseeing passenger check-in and boarding processes, managing several key airline accounts, supervising flight turnovers, and continually working on operational improvements.
Further enriching my aviation experience, I’ve also worked as a Sales Executive at a charter company. There, I managed several key accounts, developing customised flight charter solutions for clients in the Sports sector.
This cumulative experience in various facets of the aviation industry has equipped me with a broad and deep understanding of its workings. These insights are invaluable in my current role as Client Services and Operations Manager at Air Partner, where I strive to deliver exceptional service to our clients.

Tell us a bit about your career to date

My career in aviation began in 2008 at Gatwick Airport, where I started working in ground handling for Swissport. Over the years, I assumed various roles within the Customer Service Department, working as Operations Supervisor and Duty Manager. In these roles, I was committed to delivering safe and high-quality service to customer airlines.
I then transitioned to Menzies Aviation, also at Gatwick Airport, where I worked as an Account Manager. I was entrusted with the management of relationships with seven key airline accounts. My responsibilities ranged from daily communication with customer airlines to conducting comprehensive customer research and handling various aspects of disruption management and process improvements.

In 2019, I ventured into the charter space, joining Air Charter Travel as a Sales Executive. There, I excelled in
providing tailored aircraft charter solutions for clients in the Sports sector. Currently, I hold the position of Client Services and Operations Manager at Air Partner. My role involves overseeing day-to-day operations, specifically managing flights for our clients.
We ensure they’re kept updated on flight movements and strive to provide them with a smooth and hassle-free journey. This role allows me to leverage all my past experiences in aviation, contributing to the high service standards we maintain at Air Partner.

What's it like to work at Air Partner?

In my role as Client Services and Operations Manager at Air Partner, I am reminded of the quote, ‘Opportunities don’t just happen, we create them’. This resonates with my experience here, where I have found ample opportunities for growth and development. What I particularly enjoy about working at Air Partner is the people-centric environment.

Our team is a diverse blend of dedicated professionals, each bringing unique skills and experiences to the table. Their collective commitment to professionalism and service excellence not only enhances our clients’ experiences but also fosters an environment conducive to personal and professional development. It’s not just a workplace, but a learning platform where I am continually evolving.