Commercial Jets

Discover the wide range of commercial jet aircraft available to you. From turboprops to VIP airliners, we can source an aircraft solution to meet all requirements, for groups of all sizes.



ATR72 chartered private aircraft on runway


Turboprop powered regional airliner, with enough room for up to 78 passengers. The take off performance makes it suitable for airports with short runways. Several variants exist with the most popular being the ATR 72 - 600.

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Jetstream-41 chartered private flight landing by grassy hill


The stretched version of the standard Jetstream, the 41 offers a pressurised cabin with up to 10 rows of 2 x 1 seating, with a maximum of 29 seats plus the flight attendant.

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Regional Jets

Dornier 328 Jet private aircraft charter flight on runway

Dornier 328 Jet

The jet-engined version of the popular Dornier 328 turboprop. Popular for short routes where a jet service is required.

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Embraer 145 Jet private aircraft charter at FBO terminal parked

Embraer 145

A new-generation regional jet, providing economic and efficient performance, carrying up to 50 passengers. The aircraft offers a 2x1 seat configuration.

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Canadair Regional Jet 200

A derivative of the Challenger Business Jet, hugely popular with regional operators worldwide for its speed and economy.

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Embraer 170 private aircraft charter takeoff

Embraer 170

New-generation regional jet, boasting excellent economy and performance on short-haul flights.

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Embraer 190 private aircraft charter flight operation

Embraer 190

The largest member of the Embraer regional jet family, with excellent range and economy.

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Fokker 100

A ‘quiet’ new-generation regional jet airliner, ideal for smaller groups of up to 100.

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Narrow Bodied

Airbus A319

A twin-engined single-aisle aircraft ideal for short and medium haul flights with a range of up to six hours. The A319 carries up to 156 passengers.

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Airbus A320 private aircraft charter preparing for flight

Airbus A320

A new-generation single-aisle twin jet. The cabin is light and spacious, and the aircraft is very popular and exceptionally quiet. The six hour range makes it ideal for short and medium haul flights.

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Airbus A321 private aircraft charter flight

Airbus A321

A new-generation narrow-body twin jet, the A321 is a stretched version of the highly popular A320 jet, renowned for its quiet, modern, comfortable cabin. Highly recommended.

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Boeing 737-700 private aircraft charter flight B737-700

Boeing 737-700

A standard version of the popular Boeing 737 - 800, replacing the -300 version in production. Typically, the aircraft can accommodate 126 in 2 class or up to 149 in one class configuration. This is a popular short to medium range airliner which has been in service since 1997. The maximum range is 2,500nm.

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Boeing B737-800 private aircraft charter takeoff with trees

Boeing B737-800

A twin-engined single-aisle aircraft that is ideal for medium-range flights and can carry up to 189 passengers. The aircraft has a generous hold capacity, meaning it can accommodate up to 300 medium sized bags.

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Boeing B757-200 private aircraft charter flight takeoff with city view

Boeing B757-200

A quiet, single-aisle twin engine suitable for medium-haul flights.

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Wide Bodied

Boeing B767-300 commercial jet aircraft charter from small airport

Boeing B767-300

A quiet, twin-engine, wide-body jet designed for medium-haul flights, the series 300 is the larger of the two 767 variants. Highly recommended. Image credit: Euroatlantic

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Airbus A330-200 private aircraft charter flight taking off at airport

Airbus A330-200

A new-generation wide-body twin jet for the long-haul market, with the most modern of cabins with the latest of features. Highly recommended.

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Boeing B777-200 private aircraft charter on runway with boarding ramps and vehicles

Boeing B777-200

A very quiet new-generation twin engine wide-body jet, with great passenger appeal. A fine aircraft, highly recommended. Image credit: Euroatlantic

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Airbus A340-600 large private aircraft charter flight taking off runway

Airbus A340-600

A new-generation wide-body four-engine ultra-long-haul jet with the most modern of cabins and the latest of features. An excellent aircraft with record-breaking cabin length.

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Airbus A380 private aircraft charter flight with blue sky

Airbus A380

The A380 is the world's largest jet airliner. This aircraft offers a spacious double deck interior and is ideal for very large groups flying long-haul routes. Image credit interior - Hifly.

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Boeing B747-400 private aircraft nose of large chartered commercial plane

Boeing B747-400

The latest version of the famous 747, the series 400 is the popular and most prolific long-haul airliner with huge passenger loyalty. Highly recommended.

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Boeing B737-500 private aircraft charter flight

Boeing 737-500

Popular choice for VIP aircraft charter for small groups, given the features which include - a range of 1,500nm (London to Heraklion), luggage capacity up to 150 bags and seating of up to 56.

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Boeing 767-300ER private aircraft sideview of large commercial jet charter

Boeing 767-300ER

Popular with groups flying long-haul routes, the aircraft features 96 lie flat seats, with a seat pitch of 73 inches, at seat power and wireless entertainment system. The aircraft can accommodate 129 cubic metre baggage capacity

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Airbus A340-300

The largest private jet on the market, with capacity for up to 330 bags at 20kg each and seating up to 100. The maximum range is 13,000km.

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Boeing 767-VIP private aircraft charter on runway at night

Boeing 767-VIP

Wide body aircraft with two engines, featuring 98 business class cradle seats.

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