In Preparation for Above Average Storm Activity in 2021 Air Partner Advises Businesses to Plan Now

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

As the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season approaches, beginning on June 1, Air Partner, a global leader in private aviation, reminds companies the time to plan is now. Predictions of storm activity continue to trend up, with yet another active season on the horizon. In fact, this past month, Tropical Storm Andres has already become the earliest named storm on record to develop in the eastern Pacific Ocean. In response, Air Partner is working closely with companies to create or update customized emergency response plans that both ensure the safety of employees and protect critical assets in high-risk regions.

“Much like storms themselves, individual businesses are incredibly unique, which is why it’s critical to have a tailored plan in place that addresses your specific needs before it’s necessary,” said David McCown, President of the Americas at Air Partner.  “Last year we faced the most active storm season recorded in history, and our clients learned the value of contingency planning and investment in preventative measures. Weather related events move quickly and are unavoidable, but should a need arise, our aviation specialists stand at the ready to execute critical solutions during very unpredictable circumstances.” 

The experienced Air Partner Air Evacuation team provides 24-hour air evacuation planning and implementation services from anywhere in the world using charted aircraft solutions to ensure a safe, secure, and rapid exit of business personnel and capital. National hurricane observers are already predicting the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season will be more active than usual. With predictions upwards of 17 “named storms” and 80 “named storm days,’ including 4 major hurricanes and 8 hurricanes altogether. The top affected areas that the hurricanes pose a threat to include the U.S. coastal areas, Caribbean islands and South America regions.

Corporate clients can also count on a wealth of services as part of their Air Partner, Air Evacuation plans, including:

  • Access to air evacuation service via annual, part-annual, or multi-year contracts for global cover or named countries only;

  • Rapid sourcing of aircraft on a global scale, including private jets, helicopters, large commercial aircraft, air ambulances and freighters;

  • A priority phone line to Air Partners’ 24-hour operations center, access to credit for faster evacuation, and customizable air evacuation plans;

  • Table-top exercises and drills, as well as post-evacuation flight debriefs;

  • New COVID-19 safety measures for flights.


Whether designing air evacuations to fit into a company’s existing plans or creating stand-alone plans for immediate implementation, Air Partner covers every storm-related scenario.  The team’s expertise for handling emergency situations has been demonstrated throughout the years. For example, Air Partner supported with Hurricane Dorian evacuation efforts after the Category 5 storm hit the Bahamas in 2019. Included in Air Partner’s air evacuation plans are airfield access and capabilities, as well as alternative airfields and diplomatic clearances; researched destinations, regional safe-havens, and airports with suitable transit facilities; and departure or arrival requirements and evacuation support.

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