Croatia and Iceland on the road to becoming top automotive industry destinations

Monday, April 15, 2019

Air Partner’s Commercial Jets team has had a busy two years supporting the automotive industry, having flown over 83,000 passengers to 83 destinations worldwide on over 900 flights between February 2017 and February 2019.

Businesses involved in the car industry continue to seek out opportunities globally to showcase new products, attend conferences and launch press events, and group charter flights remain integral to these events.

Looking at destination trends over the past year, Spain has proved to be the most popular destination for automotive events, as it was in 2017. The combination of the reliable weather, the picturesque landscape and accessibility make it an industry favourite, with Barcelona, Valencia, and Palma De Mallorca the most in-demand. Portugal and the South of France also continue to be popular destinations.

In recent years, Air Partner has seen a particular rise in the popularity of Iceland and Croatia for automotive events. Reykjavík’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, scenic roads and rugged terrain make it very popular with car manufacturers promoting 4x4s. Meanwhile, Croatia’s pleasant climate, attractive landscape and range of venues has made it increasingly fashionable for automotive customers. Commercial charter is particularly beneficial for travelling to Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Split, as these cities are serviced by less frequent direct scheduled flights, especially in the off-peak months.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2019 and beyond, Air Partner will continue its good work in the sector, with various opportunities on the horizon. Recently, the automotive industry has been increasingly focused on the development of electric vehicles (EVs), with global sales forecast to rise and manufacturers set to produce even more models this year. Whether it’s a car launch, dealer event or press trip to promote electric vehicles, Air Partner is best placed to adapt to the changing requirements of the automotive industry and deliver optimal charter solutions.

Air Partner is highly experienced at dealing with the unique demands of automotive industry events, where time and price efficiency are key: for instance, the ability to fly out members of the press to events in a time-efficient manner ensures a greater turnout at important events. In addition, automotive customers value the convenience and flexibility of chartering, as well as the ability to tailor their travel to suit their needs. Air Partner can even offer its customers various branding opportunities: the company’s ServicePLUS programme offers a range of ways of communicating a customer’s brand when travelling, from customising the headrests onboard to showcasing brand logos on the aircraft exterior.

Jon Cavalli, Trading Manager, UK Commercial Jets Division at Air Partner, commented:

Air Partner has worked closely with the automotive industry for a number of decades now, and we continue to support a range of leading brands, providing a level of flexibility and convenience that scheduled services simply can’t match. We look forward to building on our strong performance from the last two years, and seeing which regions prove most popular for new and existing customers.

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