Baines Simmons Supports Electric Aircraft Project Partners

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Baines Simmons, part of the Safety & Security division at Air Partner, global aviation services group, has partnered with Heart Aerospace, the Research Institutes of Sweden and Electroflight to provide consultancy and training support in the development of a commercially viable all-electric aircraft.

The joint project is future facing and comes at a time where scrutiny of the ecological impact of the aviation industry is increasing. The development of all-electric aircraft is a vital next step in minimising air travel’s environmental footprint, and Baines Simmons is working to support a greener future for the industry.

The project will develop the Battery Power system of the Heart Aerospace developed ES-19, an all-electric aircraft scheduled to enter commercial service as early as 2026. With a range of 400 km (217 nm) and able to operate from shorter runways (750 metres), the ES-19 will be optimised for short-haul flights, operating from smaller airfields.

The battery power pack, being developed by Electroflight, is a bespoke, high integrity system designed to be aerospace certifiable for flight. As propulsion technology improves, this range will continue to extend, with Heart Aerospace predicting that electric aviation has the potential to reduce total aviation carbon dioxide emissions by 43%.

Baines Simmons provided its partners with guidance and support during the set up and the aviation safety experts will provide consultancy and training to its partners to gain vital approvals and advise on aircraft certification aspects.

This assistance will be vital as the ES-19 continues to progress through the testing and prototype phases. With a ground-based prototype currently undergoing testing, a full-scale prototype is scheduled to start flight tests in mid-2024. The aircraft has already secured global interest, even at such a formative stage, with Heart Aerospace citing letters of intent from eight airlines from across North America, Europe and Oceania.

“While the focus of the aviation industry in recent months has been, understandably, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on operations and the market’s immediate future, in the lead up to this the conversation centred squarely on the environmental impact of flight,” says Ian Holder, MD of Baines Simmons. “That conversation might have been muted recently, but it has not gone anywhere, and the lull in aircraft operations during the pandemic period has led many to review and reprioritise their options in terms of thinking, working and flying greener.”

“We are proud to continue to work alongside our partners in navigating the next stages of the project. This project, and ones like it, are the next step in more environmentally friendly aviation, and both Baines Simmons and the wider Air Partner group is committed to working toward a more sustainable future.”

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