Air Partner to launch National Safety & Security Academy (NSSA)

Thursday, May 6, 2021

As businesses across the aviation industry plan for the potential return of international travel in the UK from the 17th May onwards (still to be confirmed by the UK government), safety and security standards must sit at the top of the aviation industry agenda, according to Redline Assured Security and aviation safety specialists Baines Simmons, which form the Safety & Security Division at global aviation services group Air Partner.

Capitalising on the joint safety and security capabilities the two companies provide, while responding to industry needs and equipping businesses with the necessary skills and knowledge to resume complete operations, Air Partner is launching the newly branded National Safety & Security Academy (NSSA) in Doncaster. Formerly the National Security Training Centre (NSTC) run by Redline Assured Security and endorsed by ICAO as an Aviation Security Training Centre (ASTC), the National Safety and Security Academy (NSSA) will provide Baines Simmons safety training and Redline Assured Security training for the aviation industry under one roof.

NSSA scheduled courses include Redline’s Aviation Security Managers course, available as an initial or recurrent qualification, which is designed to equip and refresh security managers knowledge of the legal framework and regulations, threat, risk and crisis management, development of an Aviation Security Programme and implementing a Security Management System. Additionally, Redline is offering initial and recurrent Recognition of Firearms & Explosive (RFX) Instructors courses, which is a pre-requisite for a Certified Instructor to deliver the RFX component of regulatory aviation security courses.

Baines Simmons is offering several courses focussed on compliance with regulations, such as EASA (UK CAA) Part M/Part CAMO - Understanding the Management of Continuing Airworthiness and EASA (UK CAA) Part-145 Understanding the Requirements for Maintenance. It is also running courses on wider areas of aviation safety such as Practical Application of Safety Management Systems (SMS) and Airworthiness Best Practice for Managers.

To provide delegates with the flexibility they require when it comes to training, both Redline Assured Security and Baines Simmons will also be offering training at London based venues, as well as continuing to offer a range of virtual training and security elearning.

The NSSA also provides delegates with access to the latest equipment, including the latest generation of CT X-ray enabling the development of practical and theoretical knowledge across all aviation security disciplines.

As employees return to work after being furloughed or make their way back to offices, and organisations prepare for a post-Covid ‘normal’, businesses with critical training needs are considering how they can address knowledge and skill fade, ensure ongoing compliance and the safety of their business and the people who work in it.

Paul Mason, Air Partner’s Safety & Security Division Managing Director commented: “As aviation operations resume and as the skies look set to reopen for flights for leisure travel, our priority is to support customers and enable them to re-start their businesses in complete confidence. We are delighted to launch the National Safety & Security Academy, responding to industry needs and providing a comprehensive portfolio of training in Doncaster. With the opening of the NSSA, we look forward to providing more face-to-face training with our customers, with significant safety measures in place, ensuring training is delivered to the highest standard.”

Full list of NSSA training courses 2021

Redline Assured Security

Aviation Security Managers Initial Course – 4 days

  • ASM(I) 11th – 14th May 2021
  • ASM(I) 21st – 24th September 2021
  • ASM(I) 16th – 19th November 2021
  • ASM(I) 7th -10th December 2021

Aviation Security Managers Recurrent Course – 2 days

  • ASM(R) 18th – 19th May 2021
  • ASM(R) 14th – 15th September 2021
  • ASM(R) 23rd – 24th November 2021
  • ASM(R) 14th -15th December 2021

Recognition of Firearms & Explosive Instructors Initial Course – 2 days

  • RFX(I) 19th – 20th May 2021
  • RFX(I) 9th – 10th June 2021
  • RFX(I) 14th – 15th September 2021
  • RFX(I) 12th – 13th October 2021
  • RFX(I) 9th – 10th November 2021

Recognition of Firearms & Explosive Instructors Recurrent Course – 1 day

  • RFX(R) 20th May 2021
  • RFX(R) 16th September 2021
  • RFX(R) 25th November 2021
  • RFX(R) 16th December 2021

Baines Simmons

TR02: EASA Part 145 - Understanding the Requirements for Maintenance

  • 30th September – 1st October 2021

TR24M01: EASA Part 21 Subpart J – Understanding and Optimising Your Design Organisation Approval (DOA)

  • 26th – 27th July 2021

TR14: EASA Part 21 Subpart G - Production Organisation Approval (POA) Essentials

  •  21st July 2021

 TR03: EASA Part M/Part CAMO - Understanding the Management of Continuing Airworthiness

  • 28th – 29th September 2021

TS02: Practical Application of Safety Management Systems (SMS)

  •  26th – 28th October 2021

TS30: Practical Skills for Investigators (Multi-Environment)

  •  26th – 29th October 2021

 TR71: Airworthiness Best Practice for Managers

  •  1st – 5th November 2021

For further information: (for aviation security courses) or (for aviation safety courses).