Tour Protect provides security for the Touring Music & Entertainment Sector

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Following a successful US launch, global aviation services group Air Partner has launched Tour Protect in the UK, the first COVID-19 travel protection programme for the touring music and entertainment sector.

As ‘Freedom Day’ looms fast on the 19th of July, the music and entertainment industries are gearing up for everyone’s safe return to stadiums, arenas and clubs. Despite the exciting prospect of enjoying life free of restrictions, living with COVID-19 ensures safety will remain a top priority, especially as international travel opens up. Tour Protect offers the advanced safety solutions necessary to mitigate risk, safeguard flights and ensure a smooth travel experience along every stop of the way.

Kevin MacNaughton, Managing Director of Charter says: “With so much planning and consideration involved with the production of live events, Air Partner’s Tour Protect is specifically designed to ease clientele concern and provide reliable and safe air transportation for the most demanding of schedules.

“Air Partner employs a global network of resources and has 60 years of experience in private aviation enabling it to efficiently manage any tour with the highest degree of care and service. Our customisable charter programme ensures seamless and secure travel as entertainment and music companies take flight again.”

Air Partner has fulfilled many challenging demands during the pandemic and is trusted by Hollywood studios and government agencies alike for their air travel needs. Previous experience includes travel for the 2020 US presidential campaign and on-location film shoots.

The Tour Protect add-on charter programme delivers a new industry solution to music and entertainment companies as they begin to plan their tours and provides them with the most advanced safety measures including, enhanced COVID-19 protocols, evacuation planning, security detail and 24/7 health and medical support.

Air Partner’s Tour Protect add-on programme includes:

Enhanced COVID-19 Safety Protocols: Guarantee all aircraft and crew are compliant with recommended COVID-19 procedures including deep cleaning of aircraft, advanced crew training, access to ground transportation that has been safely vetted, and access to COVID-19 testing and vaccination validation screenings.

Quick-Response Evacuation Planning: Air Partner is trusted by governments for its evacuation planning services and Tour Protect provides this same level of protection to ensure the fastest solution for any evacuation needs related to COVID-19 or other emergencies that may arise.

24/7 Medical Support: In partnership with Northcott Global Solutions, Tour Protect includes 24/7 access to medical support for individuals and groups, along with access to a network of highly trained medical personnel who can deploy in short notice to assist with any needs.

Security Screening: Air Partner works closely with airports, airlines, suppliers and cargo agents globally to ensure that necessary security is in place offering solutions that meet the requirements set out by international regulations and compliance. This includes advanced security screening through rapid deployment of security teams and equipment, as well as added security for high-profile clients. Credentialing and badge IDs available for all passengers including crew, entourage, and additional personnel.