Air Partner Pulls off Complicated Cargo Operation Using 70 Tonne Crane

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Air Partner's Cargo Division, a global leading full-service logistics provider, successfully orchestrated the delivery of two heavy-load crates containing oilwell spares weighing a total of 47 tonnes from Southern Europe to the Middle East.

The operation, vital for maintaining uninterrupted extraction at the oil site, necessitated the use of a 70-tonne crane, a high-capacity flatbed trailer and extra shoring equipment including a sea 20ft flat rack for loading.

The operation was made further complicated because of the tight fit of the cargo onto the aircraft, with both the height and payload nearing maximum capacity.

To successfully accommodate the load, an IL76 aircraft was used due to its capability to handle oversized and heavy cargo. Detailed coordination between multiple channels including the client, the packaging company, handlers at both ends, and high tonnage crane providers was essential.

Pierre Van Der Stichele, VP of Global Cargo at Air Partner, commented: “The difficulty of this operation exemplifies the necessity of an experienced team to anticipate the potential issues that can arise and plan accordingly to make sure the cargo is delivered successfully. Our extensive global experience and 24/7 support team allows us to be able to pull off these operations and provide our clients with a quality service.”