Air Partner Providing Aid Throughout Hurricane Season with Kenyon Emergency Services

Thursday, June 23, 2022

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With the 2022 hurricane season underway, Air Partner, a Wheels Up (NYSE:UP) company and world-leading international aviation services group, is actively preparing companies, corporations, and private and public individuals with personalized air evacuation services offered in partnership with Kenyon International Emergency Services, a global leader in crisis management.

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“Our top priority is safety and wellbeing, and natural disasters put that at risk, presenting an incredibly volatile situation with very specific needs,” says Mark Briffa, President of International Charter & Services, Air Partner. “This is why, alongside Kenyon, we build and present comprehensive and personalized air evacuation plans that are tailored to care for individuals when the unprecedented happens.”

Since their acquisition in August 2021, Kenyon has enhanced Air Partner’s all-encompassing services division with evacuation plans fully built out with pre-storm and post-storm logistics as well as real-time services built to aid and assist those impacted on the ground during a crisis. Together, the team provides an end-to-end solution that accounts for both logistical needs and humanitarian considerations during emergency situations.

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Along with real-time, 24/7 assistance, Air Partner offers contingency planning as well as disaster preparedness, crisis communications, and logistical support which includes immediate and rapid response to crises from their international aircraft charter divisions – Private Jets, Group Charter & Freight. With an office in Florida and the capability to deploy a wide range of chartered aircraft during a crisis, the Air Partner team are very familiar with and highly experienced in responding to the challenges that arise during hurricane season.  To complement these elements, Kenyon’s scalable support accounts for a staffed Evacuation Reception Center at a pre-determined destination, capable of providing practical and emotional care, as well as mental health and wellbeing, services to evacuees.

Cargo Aid & Relief Time-Critical Freight“Our history and experience, combined with Kenyon’s expertise, allows us to prepare well in advance, and take action quickly, providing key decision makers an opportunity to focus on their team’s safety and wellbeing straight through the recovery effort,” continued Briffa. “These fast-moving events present an environment in which time and efficiency are key factors. Our team’s collective experience and knowledge accounts for that – caring for individuals during an active hurricane evacuation and delivering critical aid and relief to those personally affected post-storm.”

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To date, both companies have produced hundreds of emergency and hurricane evacuation solutions for organizations and individuals in turbulent situations, aiding them every step of the way. In 2005, Kenyon contributed to recovery operations in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, one of the most destructive and costly natural disasters in the history of the United States. Kenyon managed operations from its Incident Management Center (IMC) in Baton Rouge, overseeing recovery of decedents from local hospitals and nursing homes, responding to calls from individuals, performing secondary searches of homes, and more, per the company’s case study.

Emergency Air Evacuation Flight PlanningAdditional air evacuation services and detailed plans offered by Air Partner and Kenyon International include:

  • Airfield access and capabilities, runway data, operating hours, customs and immigration facilities and fire cover
  • Alternative airfields and diplomatic clearances
  • Researched destinations, a range of regional safe-havens, airports with suitable transit facilities
  • Departure and arrival requirements and evacuation support
  • and more.

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