Flexibility takes flight: Air Partner launches JetCard 5 as private jet membership takes off

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Following a recent 240% surge in demand for its private jet membership programme, global aviation services group Air Partner has launched JetCard 5, the first JetCard product with a prepaid package of only five hours’ time. The initiative is driven by the need for flexibility during the disruption from the coronavirus pandemic, as more flyers seek speed and flexibility for their travelling needs. JetCard 5 is the ideal safety net for those who want to future-proof their travel plans or those new to private flying.

Jet card programmes usually offer fixed hourly rates for prepaid packages of at least 25 hours, which are debited as clients fly. Air Partner’s JetCard 5 product brings unprecedented flexibility to private jet membership cards, equipping individuals and corporates with the means to travel at short notice, with  unmatched flexible cancellation terms and the ability change or cancel their travel plans without penalty or more significant financial commitment.

“The rapidly evolving travel restrictions brought about by COVID-19 worldwide have meant that corporate as well as individual clients have seen their plans disrupted. They’ve had to cancel or change their business and travel plans with a moment’s notice.

“In this volatile environment, clients need the flexibility to change their flight plans, but also the security of knowing a flight will be available to them should they need one unexpectedly. In response to this increasing demand, Air Partner has launched JetCard 5, which effectively ensures that clients will have access to a flight with as little as 24 hours’ notice, with unprecedented flexibility and with a reduced financial commitment,” says Air Partner’s Managing Director of Charter Kevin Macnaughton.

Air Partner’s Jetcard membership sales are up 50% year on year in the first half of 2020 and enquiries were up 240% in August, with safety and flexibility as the primary drivers behind the trend. Flying privately is now seen less as a luxury and more as a safety requirement where essential travel is concerned, as it allows travellers superior control over their environment and exposure to risk.

Air Partner is able to provide facilities such as testing of flight crew, socially distanced seating and offer PPE and enhanced hygiene measures. Private flights generally use private terminals, with ultra-speedy boarding, saving time and reducing the potential viral exposure of commercial airport terminals. Travellers can also fly in and out of smaller, more convenient airports, including those that restrict commercial airline flights altogether. Other perks include concierge services and luxury airport transfers.

“Business and life don’t stand still even in the year of coronavirus, and often clients, corporates as well as individual, simply have to fly with a moment’s notice. That’s when JetCard 5 comes in – it guarantees availability in 24 hours and full flexibility”, adds Kevin Macnaughton.

Just like Air Partner’s more extensive packages, JetCard 10 or Jetcard 25, JetCard 5 offers fixed hourly rates with no additional costs, unlimited users and the most flexible cancellation terms. Air Partner accesses over 7,000 aircraft and provides 24/7 global coverage.