Air Partner Facilitates Urgent Cargo Delivery for Entertainment Client

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Air Partner, a leading global aviation services group, successfully transported specialist entertainment equipment in an urgent request that sea freight could not have fulfilled in time. 

The dimensions and weight of the cargo, which primarily consisted of seven tonnes of delicate wooden stage walls, posed significant logistical challenges as not all carriers with similar aircraft weight capabilities are able to fit such oversized items.

This led to the selection of an A321 Freighter - a specialised aircraft renowned for its capacity to handle outsized bulky loads - and necessitated careful planning and coordination to ensure safe and efficient loading procedures.

Pierre Van Der Stichele, VP of Global Cargo at Air Partner, commented: "Despite the challenges inherent in transporting oversized cargo, particularly delicate entertainment equipment, our dedicated team delivered a safe and timely outcome for the client. By collaborating closely with the carrier's chief loadmaster, we meticulously assessed and completed the feasibility of loading the 600x200 wooden walls onto the aircraft. This successful operation not only met the client's expectations but also showcased Air Partner's ability to tailor bespoke aviation solutions to meet the diverse needs of its clients.”