Air Partner Cargo team urgently transports 13-tonne engine across Europe

Friday, October 13, 2023

Global aviation services group, Air Partner, successfully transported an oversized plane engine for a client who urgently required assistance for an Aircraft on Ground (AOG) operation during the busy summer season.

The operation was implemented with speed and efficiency by Air Partner's cargo team in Italy, and involved transporting the 13-tonne engine from an airport in northern England where it was flown directly to southern Europe in a Boeing B747-400F - a wide-body freighter aircraft capable of handling oversized cargo.

A certified technician prepared the engine for air transport, guaranteeing its safety throughout the transportation process.

Air Partner Cargo team urgently transports 13-tonne engine across Europe

The operation presented a handful of logistical challenges which had to be managed diligently. A primary challenge stemmed from the extensive size of the cargo, requiring meticulous planning to secure departure from a limited selection of airports capable of accommodating the huge dimensions. Additionally, due to the urgent nature of the engine required for an AOG, the team had to act swiftly to make the operation as fast and seamless as possible.

Pierre Van Der Stichele, VP of Global Cargo at Air Partner, commented: “We take immense pride in our ability to meet the most unique requirements from our clients, especially when it involves crucial time-sensitive logistics for an operation like an AOG. The success of this operation is testament to the expertise of our team and demonstrates our ability to go above and beyond for our clients.”