Air Partner Cargo Pulls Off Last-Minute Airbus Helicopter Operation

Monday, January 29, 2024

Air Partner's Cargo Division, a global leading full-service logistics provider, completed a last-minute cargo operation to transport a dismantled Airbus helicopter from Miami to Southern Europe.

Originally scheduled for ocean transport, the Air Partner team worked in tandem with partner, Sky Star Services, to facilitate a tight turnaround for an air cargo transfer to meet a deadline for a critical maintenance check

With no scope for any delay, the operation was carried out using B747-400 freighter on a  door-to-door basis which included customs operations for both export in the US and import in Europe to deliver the cargo successfully on time.

Managing international air cargo operations can often be challenging to complete within a tight deadline due to the complexities arising from regulatory variations, time zone differences and the need for adjustments in trucking and flight schedules.

Pierre Van Der Stichele, VP of Global Cargo at Air Partner, commented: “Working hard to successfully execute time-critical operations for our clients, in the face of varying geographical challenges, is the crux of what we do at Air Partner. Our extensive global experience combined with our 24/7 support team allows us to meet bespoke demands and ensure delivery on time.”