Air Partner and Antonov team up to successfully transport oversized Aero Engine and AOG components to remote Island

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Air Partner, the world leading aviation services group, provided an urgent AOG cargo charter solution to move an oversized aircraft engine and critical tooling to a remote island in the Azores.

This ambitious undertaking utilised an Antonov AN-124 and a Boeing 747 Freighter to transport a replacement aircraft engine, empty stand, tooling, lifting beam, including a 48-ton mobile crane to load and offload the high value and oversized aircraft engine into and out of the AN-124 cargo cabin.

Air Partner offer creative solutions for cargo projects of all sizes and has a 24/7 support team to manage urgent enquiries. Aircraft access can be organised for part or full charter service across small jets to oversized cargo suited to Antonov aircraft.

This complicated logistical challenge took weeks to plan, four days to execute, and required close cooperation between Air Partner’s UK and US offices. These charter flights between airports in Miami, Luxembourg, the Azores, and London also included the deployment of Air Partner personnel to oversee all aspects of the load and offload procedure on-site, at each location.

The Antonov AN-124 aircraft was selected to better facilitate the oversized load and, as a self-loading aircraft, circumvent the smaller loading capabilities of the remote destination.

A B747-F was used to transport the serviceable engine from Miami to Luxembourg. The cargo was then loaded onto an AN-124 for transport to the Azores. A 48-ton mobile crane was sourced and also loaded on the AN-124, along with a driver and rigger, due to unconfirmed availability of suitable mobile lifting equipment on the island. This was a value-added solution to provide capability for loading and offloading of the aircraft, as well as assisting with lifting and installation of various engine components onto the AOG aircraft.

Following the successful operation, the AN-124 was flown to Stansted airport with the unserviceable engine, empty stand and mobile crane onboard. The mobile crane was repositioned back to the base in the EU, and the unserviceable engine and tooling trucked to Amsterdam for onward scheduled flights.

Robert Jubb, Head of Freight UK, Air Partner, said:
“This complex operation highlighted the value of our joint UK and US cargo offerings. Our team of cargo experts are available 24/7 for situations exactly like this. Air Partner’s clients can rely on our swift and bespoke approach to cargo charter in urgent situations.”
“The all-inclusive, value-added project was a prime example of our above and beyond service that is tailored to a client’s needs, and at a level expected by the most demanding and informed buyers. This also cements our position as the market leader for AOG aircraft recovery, especially in traditionally difficult and remote geographies. We are trusted by the global Aerospace market to deliver when every minute counts.”

Jack Burt, Vice President of Freight US, Air Partner, said:
“Air Partner can access any size cargo aircraft to solve any size logistical issue. The Antonov AN-124 aircraft was ideal for this charter flight and the service provided by the Antonov airlines staff and crew was world class. We are proud to have worked with such great partners and delivered such a great product for our client with this project flight.”

Serhii Bilozerov, Commercial Executive, Antonov Airlines, said:
“It was a very interesting and unusual project. Thanks to Air Partner`s and ANTONOV`s highly professional specialists we successfully delivered the sensitive cargo to the destination.”