Air Partner Aligns with Silver Linings Wellbeing and The Modern Concierge to Deliver Immersive Wellness Travel Experiences

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Air Partner, a Wheels Up company and world-leading international private aviation services, has partnered with Silver Linings Wellbeing and The Modern Concierge (TMC) to offer bespoke private wellness experiences anywhere in the world.

With the introduction of this new global offering, Air Partner along with Silver Linings Wellbeing and TMC will now be providing elite charter journeys inclusive of private, immersive, and transformational wellness experiences at destinations of the client’s choosing. From tailored retreats to incentive trips for larger groups, each customized itinerary will be carefully designed to align with personal wellness objectives. Experiences can include rigorous fitness journeys, meditative experiences, and the entire trip will be curated into a seamless travel journey, with the client in control of all the details supported by assistance from the charter team at Air Partner – unlike most organized retreats.

“We’re enthusiastic to fully connect with Silver Linings Wellbeing and TMC as we collectively share the important core values of providing our clients with truly personalized and meaningful experiences,” said Erica Merrill, Director of Business Development at Air Partner. “With this partnership in place, we’ve created a wonderful opportunity for our clients to think beyond the confines of a preset itinerary and instead fulfill their goals for wanderlust and wellness in one.”

Designed to be more than a simple, pre-formulated weekend getaway, Silver Linings Wellbeing and TMC will fuse their expertise in private travel, hospitality, and wellness and work in tandem with Air Partner to arrange customized retreats led by elite experts. “It takes a global village of experts to create ultra bespoke wellness retreats. Air Partner offers clients both ease and expertise - also improving peace of mind by enabling seamless access to advanced, holistic well-being experiences from trusted, proven sources, available at magical locations worldwide,” says Mr. Jackie Gallagher, founder of The Modern Concierge.

“It’s the private well-being travel of dreams: imagine starting with the luxury of a blank canvas where clients select the destination, then get to specify and control every aspect of their experience, including every element of their unique well-being program. This could be for multi-generational families, friendship groups or to add well-being incentives to the agendas of global corporate gatherings.”

“In a single call to Air Partner, clients can seamlessly access this coveted new service, where it all just gets done beautifully for them. For clients, this is the wellbeing they wish, wherever they wish it. Their retreat, on their terms, wherever their heart desires. Experiences that feed the soul.”

These rarified and elevated retreats are led by ex-Royal Ballet dancer and the founder of Silver Linings, Chrissy Sundt-Dolan, who consults with clients in depth on their wishes and wellness goals, crafting a specialized program that goes far beyond just yoga, Pilates and massage.

“My role is to hold space for the client, especially in larger groups. Every individual has specific needs and goals, and I champion each soul. Bespoke programs mix classes and one-to-one sessions, daily massage as the foundation; but we are here to interrupt the status quo, to create transformational experiences. I gather a bespoke team of global experts selected to create the retreat of your dreams,” says Sundt-Dolan.

“Our approach is holistic. As well as mindful movement, I talk to clients about their sleep quality and nutrition and can include more esoteric elements such as sound healing, meditative walks, and ecstatic dancing (which I love!). Client-specified inclusions could be intensive focus on the skin or involve a superstar tennis or padel pro for a service clinic, or focus on specific muscle sets to support your sport. It’s a spectrum of options and well-being rigor from ‘gentle’ to ballerina level boot camp intensity. We are proud to offer this service at magical locations around the world. We are here to enable the well-being goals of those seeking to invest in their quality of life and longevity.”

Whatever personalized luxury travel experience a client chooses, Air Partner’s expertise will continue to be a crucial part of their journey as the team will carefully select the appropriate private aircraft to ensure clients not only travel in style but also fly comfortably and safely to their desired destination. From the Gulfstream G650, equipped with a range to fly from Hong Kong to New York non-stop, to the Bombardier Global 7500, equipped with four zones to provide as much passenger space and comfort as possible, Air Partner will consider the best private aircraft in order to achieve optimal long-haul capability and ample space accommodation for each client.

With this partnership in place, the limit no longer exists for clients ideating the type of travel experience they’re looking for. Once they’ve taken the necessary time to carefully consider the type of wellness experience they’d like to immerse themselves in, a comprehensive timeline and a fully customized travel itinerary will be presented, while always keeping in mind a client’s requests, ensuring wants and needs are met both on their private aircraft and within the destination.