Super Typhoon Mangkut, September 2018

In response to Typhoon Mangkhut, Air Partner organized two aircraft charters to deliver humanitarian aid and supplies to Guam, which included vital food and water.

When Super Typhoon Mangkut in the Caribbean 2017 several NGOs, charities and commercial entities required transportation solutions for essential relief cargo such as generators, four-wheel drive vehicles, and bottled water to a number of islands in the region, including Puerto Rico, Cuba and Guadeloupe.


Key facts

Situation: Delivery of time-critical humanitarian aid and supplies to a 

Cargo: Essential relief cargo included several palettes containing thousands of sealed drinking water and ready-to-eat meals

Solution: Two Antonov aircraft chartered, AN124 and AN125



In the aftermath of the storm, the urgency to respond quickly was escalated to deliver 180 metric tons of water and food within 72 hours from the San Francisco to Guam. Skilled logistics and reliable teamwork become especially important to saving lives. Tight coordination and experience was required to navigate to the remote islands in a short, time-critical window.

SolutionAir Partner chartered two large aircraft, Antonov AN124 and AN225 from international airports in tSan Francisco  (SFO) and Oakland (OAK). The aircraft stopped refueled in Honolulu, and proceeded to Guam International Airport. Representatives of our staff closely coordinated cargo delivery, aircraft loading, aircraft handling and landing requests to overcome the communication issues on site after the natural disaster. With our skilled logistics and experience in navigating affected areas allowed for the supplies to successfully be delivered on-time in less than 3 days.

When it comes to helping our customers globally with aid and relief cargo we have a large amount of experience delivering supplies and materials to areas impacted from catastrophic damage. Delivering urgent freight via charter is something that we are well versed in, with a global network and a 24/7 support team, we are always available to offer you a reliable service to meet your deadlines.

We will respond upon your request to ensure any relief goods, medical or other equipment will reach their destination as soon as possible.


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