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Top Private Jet Routes For Business

If you're flying for business, time is likely to be of the essence. Private jet charter can cut down your journey time and provide a flexible option - whether you are going on a day trip to the Hamptons for a meeting or embarking on a multi-stop business tour across the US or internationally to Europe.

 There are a selection of smaller airports and FBOs with dedicated private jet terminals. Wherever you are flying privately to, you are bypassing all the aircraft and passengers on scheduled services, resulting in a much quicker overall journey.

Here are some of our most requested flight routes for business. 


Greater New York

Greater New York

Fly privately for business out of these New York airports.

Teterboro Airport is our most requested airport for private jet clients flying out of New York. Its is the closest dedicated private jet airport to Manhattan. 

White Plains Airport is ideal if you are departing from Upstate New York, Connecticut, Greenwich or Stamford areas. 

Newark Airport is the closest airport to Wall Street and the financial district. Although it takes commercial traffic, it is the most convenient if you want quick access to and from the financial center of New York. 

Helicopter transfers can take you from any of the New York airports straight to the Manhattan heliport, accessing Wall Street in minutes. 

Flight time to London 8 hours 

Recommended jet A global jet such as a Global Express 

Passengers Up to 12 

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