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Air Partner is the global leader in private aviation. Our rich history, innovative charter solutions, and financial stability have made us the first choice for Fortune 500 companies, governments and private individuals since 1961. 

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  • New Trans-Atlantic JetCard Rate

    Ideal for business travel, fly between the US and Europe at a competitive fixed rate with the flexibility of JetCard.

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  • Evacuation FlightsWe are ready to respond 24/7.

    During hurricane season, it is important to plan ahead and be ready to evacuate in a moment's notice. If you require urgent air lift options, contact us immediately.

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  • Evacuation FlightsWe are ready to respond 24/7.

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Cargo Aircraft

Time-critical, outsize, hazardous – however substantial or complex your air cargo movement, we are on-hand 24/7 to find the best possible solution.

Emergency planning

A reliable and resourceful service for international air rescue, hurricane planning and natural disaster evacuations for governments and corporations.

Travel services

Hotel bookings, Eurostar, group scheduled flights - all part of the service, think of us as your own personal travel agency. 

About us

With Air Partner, it’s all about the service and experience to you, our customers.

50 years of firsts and we're still pioneering private air travel

Innovation is a tradition with Air Partner. For over 50 years we’ve pushed the boundaries of what’s possible to improve our service, be that chartering an aircraft for groups, cargo or individuals. Our expert service, 24/7 operations and global network ensure  you have instant year-round access to our services. 

3 great reasons to fly with us. And 4 more very good ones.


Air Partner has been in business since 1961 - longer than any other private aviation company. 


The standards we set for our Quality Management System far exceed FAA requirements and industry norms. 


Our history, innovative solutions and financial stability have made us the first choice for governments, Fortune 500 companies and individuals worldwide. 


The simplicity of pre-paid flight hours with fully refundable account balances and flight credit that never expires. 


Hotel bookings, group scheduled flights, even transportation to and from the airport are all part of the service.


Secure, time critical, door-to-door delivery of your cargo to destinations worldwide 24/7. Real-time tracking with our unique RED-TRACK technology.


A reliable and resourceful service, offering tried and tested contingency planning, prepared and ready for any rescue and evacuation requirement.