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Empty Legs

Save up to 75% on a private jet flight

How it works

‘Empty legs’ are flights that are due to operate without any passengers as the aircraft repositions back to its base, or is going elsewhere to be ready for its next assignment. If you can move quickly, an empty leg can be really handy. 

If you were planning to head that way, you could hop aboard the empty leg and save up to 75% on the cost of a conventional private jet charter.

Browse the table below or stay informed with our weekly empty leg availability email.

Current Empty Legs

Date From To Aircraft Seats Price from
12 дек 2018 London Stansted Chambery Embraer Legacy 12-15 £13500 Details
13 дек 2018 Dublin Geneva Citation Jet 4 7-8 £4100 Details
17 дек 2018 London Luton Barcelona Falcon 900 10-17 £13500 Details
18 дек 2018 Miami London Luton Falcon 7X 10-17 £50000 Details
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