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Super Midsize

These aircraft offer many benefits of the large jets but at more competitive rates. Full standing headroom, great luggage capacity and spacious cabins make this category a popular choice. Seating varies from eight to 10 and the range of these aircraft is 5 to 8 hours.

  • Cessna Citation X

    The world’s fastest business jet, flying almost at the speed of sound over long distances. It is a super-midsize jet with good space and above-average baggage capacity.


  • Challenger 300

    A new super-midsize business jet with full standing head room, separate washroom and large baggage hold. Often an economical, yet attractive alternative to the larger jets.


  • Gulfstream 200

    A new generation super midsize jet. It has ample cabin space, standing headroom, galley area and a separate washroom at the rear.


  • Cessna Citation Sovereign

    A new generation super-midsize private jet, offering double club seating with separate washroom and best-in-class baggage space. Considered by many as Cessna’s best jet to date. Extremely popular.