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 Air Partner plc is a global aviation services group that provides high added value aviation solutions in the areas of aircraft charter and remarketing, specialist travel management, aviation safety & security and crisis & emergency planning.


The Air Partner Group has two divisions‎: Broking, comprising air charter broking and remarketing; and Consulting & Training, comprising the aviation safety consultancies, Baines Simmons, Clockwork Research and SafeSkys, as well as Air Partner’s Emergency Planning Division. 

For reporting purposes, the Group is structured into four divisions: Commercial Jets, Private Jets, Freight (Broking) and Consulting & Training (Baines Simmons, Clockwork Research, SafeSkys and Air Partner’s Emergency Planning Division).

  • The Commercial Jet Division charters large airliners to move groups of any size. Typical clients operating in the Oil & Gas, Automotive, Entertainment, Sports and Pharmaceutical industries. Within Commercial Jets sits Air Partner Remarketing (formerly Cabot). a leading Aircraft Remarketing company acquired in May 2015.
  • Private Jets offers the company’s unique pre-paid JetCard scheme together with on-demand charter. Typical clients include Finance houses, Film & Entertainment plus High Net Worth Individuals
  • Air Partner Freight charters aircraft of every size to fly almost any cargo, anywhere, at any time. Typical clients include Governments,  Aid agencies, Automotive, Engineering and Energy industries
  • Consulting & Training offers consulting, training and managed services within aviation safety. The division comprises:
    • Baines Simmons - a world leader in aviation safety consulting specialising in aviation regulation, compliance and safety management.
    • Clockwork Research - a leading fatigue risk management consultancy.
    • Air Partner SafeSkys - a leading Environmental and Air Traffic Control services provider to UK and International airports.
    • Emergency Planning: Air Partner plans, manages and executes air evacuations worldwide for governments, corporates and energy companies.


Within our charter operations our customers value our service because it provides a valid alternative to aircraft ownership, particularly for private jet customers (whether corporate or individuals), and scheduled services, enabling the customer access to all aircraft available for charter as well as the potential for the aircraft to be adapted to their specific needs. This tailored service is delivered through Air Partner’s global network of offices, with a strong focus on detail to fulfil our customers’ requirements.

We apply our accumulated knowledge from over 50 years of trading and our Customer First approach to deliver innovative and bespoke solutions. Our main assets are our people, our client relationships, our brand and our IT.

We have relationships with the majority of aircraft operators which allows us to select the aircraft appropriate for our customers' needs, and also ensure the operator adheres to strict quality standards. Air Partner’s revenue is largely generated through commissions, although some fee income is achieved through the provision of professional services or, in the case of our Emergency Planning Division, subscriptions.

Within Consulting & Training Baines Simmons, a world leading Aviation Safety consultant, was acquired in August 2015. Baines Simmons is a trusted advisor to more than 750 aviation organisations and more than 40 aviation authorities and helps to advance best practice, shape safety thinking and drive continuous improvement to safety performance.

Baines Simmons’ SMARRT MAP (Safety Management And Risk Reduction Tool – Measurement And Performance) model represents its approach to managing organisational safety performance through the progressive development of effective management systems which are optimised by people- and system-centric performance enablers.

Baines Simmons designed, built, launched and continues to support the highly successful Isle of Man Aircraft Registry on behalf of the Isle of Man Government. The Registry is the fastest growing aircraft registry in the world and has a reputation for award-winning levels of customer service and the highest standards of independent regulatory oversight.  

Clockwork Research, a leading fatigue risk management consultancy, was acquired in December 2016. With its smart innovations in fatigue management, it is a natural fit with Baines Simmons in terms of safety control and risk management. The business uses systems models to ensure that pilots and other essential personnel are getting the necessary sleep to carry out their tasks effectively and safely.

Air Partner SafeSkys, a leading Environmental and Air Traffic Control services provider to UK & International airports, was acquired in September 2017.    Established in 1993, SafeSkys has built a great reputation serving Airport customers around the world in specialist areas of Aviation Safety, predominantly Environmental Wildlife Hazard Management & Bird Control and Air Traffic Control. SafeSkys enhances the Group’s capabilities and international presence in Aviation Safety and extends our activities with Airport customers. 

Aviation Safety is an attractive market with a strong regulatory framework which is experiencing increasingly changing and challenging compliance needs. Through its Consultancy and Training services, Air Partner is well-positioned to help aviation organisations identify, measure and improve their organisational safety management performance.

As a group, our ability to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations when delivering these solutions allows Air Partner to build long-term relations with customers as they understand and appreciate what we can do for them. While each segment of Air Partner’s business specialises in a particular area of aviation, many of the services are complimentary and often service the same customer, allowing us to deliver the same level of service wherever they are in the world. Air Partner’s brand and status as a listed plc allows us to stand out among our peer group, and certainly places us above the large number of new and smaller players.