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Mark Briffa, CEO discusses our response to the COVID-19 pandemic

03 apr 2020

With more than 23 years’ experience, our CEO, Mark Briffa, joined Air Partner back in 1996. As a global aviation services company, Air Partner has a strong reputation and unrivalled experience responding to crisis situations, working with governments, organisations and individuals over the years. We’ve asked him to talk about how the company has leveraged this experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Air Evacuations during Covid-19 outbreak – Q&A with Emergency Planning Division Manager, Joe Halanen

02 apr 2020

With the Covid-19 outbreak continuing to develop around the world, and affecting countries globally, there’s no doubt there’s both challenging and fast changing circumstances for companies and individuals to contend with. As countries across the world close their borders and citizens are instructed by governments to return to their home countries, air evacuations have been essential.

What to consider when travelling by Group Charter during Covid-19

25 mar 2020

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues, we continue to work around the clock to organise last minute and evacuation flights for groups. To help you plan your travel, we have answered some of the questions you might have at this time about flying with your group. The situation is constantly evolving, so please speak to an Account Manager for the most up to date information. You can contact us directly on or +44 1293 844 887.

Cinque destinazioni da non perdere per il 2020

25 mar 2020

Alcune ricerche condotte di recente mostrano che nel 2020, il settore dei viaggi vedrà un incremento di presenze verso mete legate alla natura e alle attività all’aria aperta. Se sei alla ricerca di una meta per i tuoi viaggi di quest’anno e hai bisogno di ispirazione, ecco una lista delle destinazioni consigliate da Air Partner.

Jet privati: il futuro è supersonico?

25 mar 2020

Viaggiare alla velocità del suono è un sogno che l’umanità insegue fin da quando il primo aeroplano si è librato in volo. In un futuro prossimo, potranno però i velivoli supersonici diventare veramente il riferimento nel mondo dell’aviazione?

Helping you to keep your supply chains running during COVID

24 mar 2020

Due to the current COVID situation the freight transport capacity on scheduled aircraft has been drastically reduced on many routes worldwide and more logistical challenges are created each day. We want to keep your supply chains running during COVID. We can support you with widebody charter options (full and part charter) but availability is changing very quickly.

What to consider when travelling by private jet during COVID-19

23 mar 2020

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues, we would like to assure you that we are continuing to work around the clock to organise private jet flights. To help you plan your travel, we have answered some of the questions you might have at this time about flying by private jet. The situation is constantly evolving, so please speak to an Account Manager for the most up to date information. You can contact us directly on or +44 1293 844 888.

Alternative destinations to see cherry blossoms in 2020

07 mar 2020

Spring is just around the corner, which marks the start of the cherry blossom season. Traditionally celebrated in Japan, the sakura season begins mid-March this year and lasts for around 3 weeks. We’ve listed some alternative destinations worth flying for to witness this evanescent beauty of nature.

I migliori ristoranti vegani per cui vale la pena di noleggiare un jet privato

02 mar 2020

Il mese dedicato alla cucina vegana è ormai giunto al termine, ma è innegabile che sempre più persone scelgano di adottare questa dieta, priva di ingredienti d’origine. Data la diversità delle richieste che riceviamo per il catering a bordo, abbiamo creato un menù su misura per i nostri clienti al fine di rispondere alle esigenze alimentari di tutti; dai vegani a chi segue la dieta macrobiotica. Scopri con noi le tre città europee che ospitano alcuni dei locali vegani più trendy del momento, da quelli più informali ai ristoranti che hanno ottenuto riconoscimenti importanti quali stelle Michelin.

Praetor 500

14 feb 2020

Il Praetor 500 è il nuovissimo business jet del produttore brasiliano Embraer, entrato di recente sul mercato. La parola chiave per questo modello, che si auto-definisce "il business jet Midsize più tecnologicamente avanzato e all'avanguardia del mondo", è innovazione.

The most unique Valentine’s getaways by private jet

24 gen 2020

Treat your loved one to a special weekend getaway this Valentine’s Day and impress them by choosing a less-well known destination and hiring a private jet. It’s not easy choosing a unique romantic venue that will truly sweep your significant other off their feet. To help you out, we have put together our destination suggestions for an unforgettable weekend trip. 

Panoramica del settore dei charter di gruppo

14 gen 2020

Per la nostra équipe di charter di gruppo il 2019 è stato un anno davvero frenetico che l'ha vista organizzare voli singoli verso eventi di natura diversa, programmi shuttle per aziende e complessi itinerari multi-destinazione.

Step into the new decade in style

19 dic 2019

This New Year’s Eve is a particularly special one, as we step into a new decade. Make sure your celebration is as unique as this night and book a Private Jet to one of these dazzling destinations.  

Alternative Christmas Markets in Europe

13 dic 2019

Looking to experience something a bit different this festive season? Discover some of the less well-known, but truly exceptional Christmas markets Europe has to offer. Just a couple of hours away by Private Jet, get in the Christmas spirit with these alternative festive markets.

Scenic cities to visit this winter by private jet

14 nov 2019

The winter months can be the best time of year to visit some of the world’s most scenic cities. Often a quieter period, you can enjoy these stunning destinations in a more serene atmosphere, away from the busy peak season crowds. We’ve picked some of our favourite cities that we recommend you visit this year, each offering a unique and different experience.

What is the fastest business jet?

10 nov 2019

At Air Partner, we pride ourselves in being able to offer you a wide range of aircraft to ensure we always meet your personal preferences and that you fly on the most suitable aircraft for your trip.

Gestione delle sfide logistiche dell'Euro 2020

04 nov 2019

Il campionato europeo di calcio 2020 sarà il primo a svolgersi in tutto il continente, il che potrebbe comportare seri problemi logistici dato che le squadre si troveranno a dover viaggiare in tutta Europa. A viaggiare saranno anche tifosi, sponsor, agenti e aziende che vorranno seguire le loro rispettive squadre man mano che il campionato procede.

Time critical private jet flights

03 nov 2019

Plans change. The unforeseen happens. But we are always there to get you where you need to be, even if its at the eleventh hour. Over the past year, we’ve seen a noticeable increase in time critical flights. Due to last-minute change in plans, an emergency situation or a disruption to your journey, there are a host of reasons for the urgent requests we receive. Our 24/7/365 team are experts in reacting quickly and getting your plans off the ground. These are the reasons why you can rely on us when it really matters…

Viaggi incentive da sogno

29 ago 2019

I viaggi incentive mirano a motivare, premiare e ispirare dipendenti o membri di un gruppo; ogni dettaglio diventa quindi estremamente importante per offrire un'esperienza indimenticabile. Il noleggio di un volo privato rimane uno dei modi migliori per aziende e marchi di far arrivare a destinazione un intero gruppo di ospiti, mettendo tutti dell'umore giusto.

We deliver your cargo charter to even the most remote destinations

05 ago 2019

Flying cargo to remote destinations can be challenging. Some destinations are situated off the beaten track and the closest airports are often small with shorter runways and not fully equipped with loading equipment, handling staff or fuel. It can be extremely risky to land with an aircraft in hostile natural disaster zones with extreme weather conditions.

3 things to consider when flying hazardous and dangerous goods

31 lug 2019

In a highly industrialized society, dangerous goods are frequently used and of course also need to be moved from A to B. Due to the dangerous nature of the goods the transport is subject to a range of special regulations and considerations that makes the transport different to other logistical missions and we understand that our clients have special requirements and need the best possible support. We discuss these points further to help you with your next dangerous goods transportation.

Avoid flight disruption this summer

23 lug 2019

That glorious time of year is already upon us; the summer holiday period. Every year, we hold our breath in the hope that there won’t be any disruption to our journey and we won’t be one of the unlucky ones to have booked our big plans during that one month, week or day that a strike has happened, or when IT systems have been affected by the high volume of travellers.

I motivi per cui scegliere un jet privato per i voli in famiglia

22 lug 2019

Nel periodo delle vacanze estive, durante il quale tutti si prendono del tempo libero da passare con la propria famiglia e i propri cari, aumenta anche il numero di voli di piacere che vedono intere famiglie viaggiare in Europa o verso destinazioni più lontane.

Best Private Jets For Transatlantic Flights

17 lug 2019

At Air Partner we will always ensure that you are presented with the best option for your particular journey and you have access to any jet of any size, from Very Light cabin jets up to Global cabins and even VIP airliners. If you are looking to fly transatlantic by private jet, a Global cabin is the only category of jet that will comfortably operate the 7 hour plus journey.

Vola in jet privato verso i 5 migliori ristoranti del mondo

16 lug 2019

Sparsi tra Europa, Scandinavia e Asia, i cinque migliori ristoranti del mondo di quest'anno offrono un'esperienza gastronomica personalizzata, unica e soprattutto indimenticabile. Air Partner vi consiglia come raggiungerli utilizzando gli aeroporti più vicini.

I tre migliori jet privati per volare in famiglia

15 lug 2019

Sfruttando l’accesso a una vasta selezione di velivoli, Air partner si impegna a procurare sempre l’opzione migliore in base alle richieste del cliente. Molti dei nostri clienti amano volare in jet privato con le proprie famiglie durante i mesi estivi, ragione per cui abbiamo deciso di compilare una lista dei tre velivoli che più apprezziamo indicando anche perché li consigliamo.

Charter di gruppo: una guida per gli organizzatori di eventi

04 lug 2019

State organizzando un evento e avete bisogno di aiuto con i voli charter di gruppo? Indipendentemente dal tipo di evento, dalla destinazione e dal numero di passeggeri, possiamo aiutarvi a trovare la soluzione di volo perfetta per rendere il vostro evento un vero successo.

Perché usare la JetCard per viaggi d’affari?

11 giu 2019

Air Partner sa benissimo che i bisogni di ogni cliente sono diversi. Per questo, nel fornire una lista di servizi di noleggio che possa soddisfare ogni necessità nei viaggi d’affari, la nostra priorità è quella di minimizzare il tempo di viaggio e massimizzare il tempo da dedicare a lavoro, clienti e alla firma di accordi.

I momenti salienti dell'aviazione privata all’EBACE 2019

10 giu 2019

Per i professionisti dell'aviazione, gli appassionati e gli acquirenti di business jet l’European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) è un appuntamento da non perdere. Il settore esibisce il meglio di sé e le più recenti innovazioni nel campo dell'aviazione, consentendo ai visitatori di avvicinarsi e sentirsi a proprio agio con i più recenti jet e tecnologie.

A Summer of Music Festivals by Private Jet

31 mag 2019

Summertime is fast approaching, and the festival season is nearly underway. People dressed in colorful outfits and funky costumes will be descending on locations around the world for weekends filled with music. If you are thinking about experiencing a music festival, then why not travel by private jet? We have selected our favorite music festivals across the globe you can fly privately to this year.

Velivoli VIP: Tutto quello che c'è da sapere

29 mag 2019

Durante gli ultimi anni, il mercato dei voli charter ha visto l'arrivo di sempre più velivoli rinnovati e trasformati in modelli VIP. Gli stessi vantano livelli di comfort all’altezza di un jet privato con spaziosi interni di lusso, un vano bagagli generoso e sedili di classe business.

20 interesting facts about Air Partner’s Travel Department

16 mag 2019

At Air Partner, our dedicated Travel team are delighted to be celebrating 20 years of organising flights for groups travelling on scheduled airlines. No matter the size of the group, the destination or the reason for travel, we can assist in providing seamless flight solutions from start to finish. To mark our 20th anniversary of our Travel team, discover our 20 interesting facts of how we’ve been assisting our clients over the last two decades.

Ecco come individuare la migliore jet card

16 mag 2019

Negli ultimi anni, il settore dell’aviazione privata ha assistito a numerosi episodi di bancarotta, oltre a chiusure e cause legali. Sebbene la presenza sul mercato di fornitori di voli charter dalla componente tecnologica si stia rafforzando, non tutti stanno avendo successo.

Behind the scenes of an AOG project at Air Partner

13 mag 2019

When airline fleets are scheduled to their limits, an AOG (aircraft on ground) can be extremely disruptive to flight programs. Within minutes our aviation specialists can provide you with an AOG solution for urgent movement of small spares, large airframe components and power-plants components, engineering staff or flight crew. We offer you a dedicated team globally who are reliable and highly motivated to deal with your requirements – going above and beyond to ensure your cargo gets where it needs to be and on time.

Five reasons why India should be your next MICE destination

09 mag 2019

Colourful, vibrant and cultural. These are just a few words that spring to mind when thinking of India, a popular destination for leisure travel. But did you know that India is also fast becoming a popular destination for meetings, incentives, conferences and events?

Q&A: Impacts of an AOG for airlines and suppliers

07 mag 2019

Aircraft on Ground (AOG) is a term in aviation maintenance indicating that a problem is preventing an aircraft from flying. In all cases there is a rush to acquire the parts to put the aircraft (A/C) back into service and prevent further delays or cancellations to the flight program.

Le destinazioni più richieste dai gruppi in viaggio d’affari

29 apr 2019

Il 2019 è ormai inoltrato ed è quindi giunto il momento di fare il punto della situazione per quanto riguarda le destinazioni che si stanno affermando tra i clienti impegnati in viaggi d’affari di gruppo. Air Partner ha assistito a un aumento delle richieste di voli di gruppo verso le destinazioni europee elencate di seguito da parte di clienti corporate.

Volare per affari: i velivoli per gruppi più richiesti

28 apr 2019

Che stiate organizzando un volo per un gruppo di impiegati in occasione di una conferenza, un incontro, un viaggio incentive o per qualsiasi altro motivo, Air Partner è pronta a offrirvi una soluzione di noleggio per gruppi personalizzata, in grado di soddisfare le vostre richieste. Il noleggio per i gruppi offre tutta una serie di vantaggi per chi vola per affari, tra cui il risparmio di tempo e la possibilità di decidere la propria tabella di marcia.

Volare in jet privato con i propri animali domestici

23 apr 2019

Se affrontare un viaggio aereo con il proprio animale domestico può rivelarsi un’esperienza stressante sia per il padrone che per l'animale, il noleggio di un jet permette ad entrambi di viaggiare in un ambiente tranquillo e controllato, l’uno affianco all’altro. Si tratta di una soluzione molto richiesta da chi deve far viaggiare il proprio animale da un luogo all’altro, ma vuole minimizzare il disagio e lo stress causato all’animale.

Trasforma il dovere in piacere

22 apr 2019

I viaggi di lavoro possono condurvi verso città meravigliose e non per forza dovrete perdervi il meglio che hanno da offrire. Dai bar più trendy ad impressionanti centri per conferenze, ecco quattro destinazioni che consigliamo caldamente per il vostro prossimo viaggio di lavoro.

Il meglio di Gulfstream

18 apr 2019

A partire dal primo jet commerciale appositamente costruito nel 1958, al primo volo transatlantico non-stop in jet privato, Gulfstream continua ad essere all’avanguardia e ad innovare all’interno del settore dell’aviazione commerciale. I nostri clienti scelgono Gulfstream, leader indiscusso della categoria Global, per le prestazioni e il comfort offerti. Leggete la nostra recensione di tre dei velivoli di Gulfstream e scoprite perché sono così richiesti.

Le migliori destinazioni per eventi del settore automotive

22 mar 2019

Nel corso degli anni, Air Partner ha organizzato voli charter di gruppo verso una vasta selezione di mete per il settore automotive. Se state pensando di intraprendere un nuovo progetto, è molto probabile che i nostri esperti conoscano già la zona che state prendendo in considerazione. Ciò significa che Air Partner è il vostro miglior punto di riferimento per ottenere informazioni sugli aeroporti da utilizzare o sull’idoneità, dal punto di vista logistico, delle caratteristiche della destinazione.

Cosa offriamo, e quali sono le nostre attività per i clienti del settore automotive

22 mar 2019

Nel corso degli anni abbiamo organizzato charter di gruppo per diversi progetti nell’ambito del settore automotive. Che si tratti di un viaggio stampa, una prova di guida, o una conferenza, Air Partner offre soluzioni di viaggio aereo per assicurare che l’evento si svolga senza complicazioni. Anche per questo mettiamo a disposizione dei clienti un rappresentante Air Partner esperto, che offrirà assistenza il giorno del viaggio oltre ad occuparsi delle operazioni di terra e di volo appena effettuato il decollo.


15 mar 2019

Over the last decades our clients have tasked us to move cargo of various weight, size and shapes for any number of reasons to destinations around the world. No matter how extensive or demanding - we always go above and beyond to find the right cargo charter solution to meet our clients’ requirements - from moving gigantic constructs to the delivery of tons of aid to fight against epidemics.

The importance of a charter broker

11 mar 2019

Mike Hill, Director – Group Freight, explains in this interview the importance and benefits of working with a charter broker as well as how the future for the freight charter business will look like.

Which private jet has the longest range?

27 feb 2019

At Air Partner, we ensure that we bespoke an aircraft charter to best suit our customers’ needs – whether that be a smaller Citation XLS for leisure or a VIP configured aircraft for music tours with entourage. In fact, we have seen a real increase in enquiries for our larger aircraft and some intrigue around 'Which Private Jet has the longest range?'

Noleggi di gruppo per squadre sportive: domande frequenti

27 feb 2019

Air Partner lavora a stretto contatto con il settore sportivo da 58 anni e solo negli ultimi due anni, proprio in questo ambito, ha portato a destinazione 12.000 passeggeri che hanno viaggiato per 120.000 miglia verso 45 Paesi. I nostri clienti possono sempre contare sul supporto dei nostri esperti account manager durante il processo di prenotazione, ma abbiamo comunque voluto compilare una lista di domande frequenti che ci sono state poste da molte squadre nel corso degli anni.

Fly by private jet to these Academy Award winning film locations

25 feb 2019

After celebrating the leading talent in film at the prestigious Oscars ceremony last night, why not experience the destinations where some of these award-winning scenes were set? We have put together a few of the top film locations to visit, where memorable movie moments were created. Here are our nominees for the Best Film Location Destinations.

Qual’ è il velivolo giusto per la vostra squadra

25 feb 2019

Nel corso degli ultimi anni, abbiamo assistito ad un amento dei noleggi richiesti da squadre sportive per motivi sempre più svariati, diretti verso un numero sempre maggiore di destinazioni. Air Partner offre soluzioni per il settore sportivo dal 1961 e da allora ha organizzato voli per portare atleti e squadre a destinazione, che si trattasse di una partita di campionato o di una tournée pre-stagionale con più tappe.


21 feb 2019

Air Partner vanta oltre 50 anni d’esperienza nel noleggio di velivoli per le principali associazioni sportive di tutto il mondo. Di seguito potrete scoprire di più sui trend per le tournée pre-stagionali a cui abbiamo assistito e sull’importanza di collaborare con un partner di viaggio affidabile.

Viaggiare per il proprio benessere

20 feb 2019

Secondo l’azienda di consulenze ComRes, i dieci buoni propositi più comuni per il 2019 riguardano il miglioramento della propria salute: dal perdere peso ad una dieta più salutare, da un’attività fisica più regolare alla riduzione del consumo di alcol. Sono sempre di più le persone che si prefissano questi piccoli cambiamenti, che portano un po’ di benessere nella vita di tutti, oppure che si regalano viaggi dedicati esclusivamente al tema benessere.

Cinque spiagge per cui vale la pena viaggiare

19 feb 2019

Passeggiare a piedi nudi sulle sponde di una spiaggia al tramonto è uno dei piaceri più semplici della vita e non c’è occasione migliore per godersi i caldi raggi di sole durante le settimane più fredde d’inverno. Noleggiate un jet privato e partite alla scoperta di alcune delle destinazioni più magiche del pianeta, per godervi un lusso senza rivali baciati dal sole invernale.

Un jet privato che può atterrare ovunque? Ecco a voi il nuovo Pilatus PC-24

11 feb 2019

Negli ultimi anni, il mercato dei voli charter ha dato il benvenuto a nuovi velivoli che hanno ridefinito la categoria dei jet leggeri, come l’Embraer Phenom 300 e il Cessna Citation CJ4. La casa di produzione svizzera Pilatus sta ora cercando di alzare nuovamente l’asticella con il suo modello più recente, il PC-24.

I voli più romantici sono in jet privato

11 feb 2019

Se volete fare un regalo speciale per San Valentino alla vostra dolce metà, non c’è nulla di più sorprendente di un volo in jet privato. Ecco le destinazioni consigliate da Air Partner, perfette per un viaggio in giornata o per un fine settimana romantico. Viaggiando in jet privato potrete godervi un’esperienza di volo rilassante e senza intoppi, risparmiando inoltre tempo che potrete utilizzare per esplorare la vostra meta romantica e per vivere momenti indimenticabili con il vostro partner.

Emergency Planning: Global risk areas 2019

04 feb 2019

Tensions on the Korean peninsula, war in Syria, wildfires in California, Papua New Guinea earthquake, Japan floods, Guatemala: Volcanic Eruption, Indonesia tsunami & earthquake – this is just a snapshot of some of the high risk natural disasters and political unrest we have seen through 2018. While some areas are seeing tensions subside, there are ever growing risks globally.

London Airport Guide

01 feb 2019

One of London’s most central airports for private aviation, RAF Northolt, will be closed for a large part of this year for runway improvements. The closure will take place from 5th April until November 2019, meaning those who fly privately from this airport will need to choose an alternative London base.

A bordo con il vostro logo

29 gen 2019

Ad Air Partner capiamo perfettamente quanto sia importante per i nostri clienti che il proprio marchio sia riconoscibile e li aiutiamo a promuoverlo anche ad alta quota grazie al programma ServicePLUS.

Domande e risposte con Domenico Di Lecce

28 gen 2019

Domenico Di Lecce è il Direttore vendite e dello sviluppo delle attività per il reparto Jet commerciali di Air Partner Italia. Entrato a far parte dell’azienda nel 2012, Domenico ha oltre 15 anni d’esperienza nel settore vendite. Inoltre, è a capo dello sviluppo del reparto noleggio charter per il mercato italiano e lavora in diversi settori, tra cui quello MICE, quello automobilistico, turistico, sportivo e musicale.

12 mesi di Air Partner

16 gen 2019

Nel corso degli anni abbiamo portato a termine progetti straordinari in tutto il mondo per aziende e privati in settori estremamente diversi, noleggiando voli, effettuando corsi di sicurezza e fornendo servizi di consulenza.

Cosa considerare prima di scegliere una Jet Card

15 gen 2019

Per chi vola spesso su aerei privati, convenienza ed efficienza sono senza dubbio i due fattori principali da considerare nella scelta del programma di noleggio più idoneo. I programmi Jet Card vantano una flessibilità impareggiabile e permettono ai propri membri di avere un aereo sempre a disposizione.

Le tendenze 2019 del settore MICE: cosa cambierà nel mondo charter

11 dic 2018

Gli esperti di eventi e del settore alberghiero di C&IT hanno detto la loro per quanto riguarda le tendenze del settore MICE per il 2019. Analizziamo dunque ora i risvolti sulla fornitura di voli charter e vediamo come potremo assistere i nostri clienti in questo settore nei prossimi mesi.

Cinque fattori da considerare per il trasporto urgente

06 dic 2018

Disastri naturali, emergenze mediche, instabilità politica: in tutte queste situazioni è ovvio che gli aiuti umanitari o le provvigioni essenziali siano urgenti e necessari. Quando ciò avviene in regioni già problematiche o in paesi in via di sviluppo, con infrastrutture scadenti o un aiuto da parte del governo assente, il fattore tempo diventa cruciale.

Dove celebrare il Capodanno volando con un jet privato

05 dic 2018

È ufficialmente iniziato il conto alla rovescia per il 2019 ed è dunque anche giunto il momento di iniziare a pensare come festeggiare l’ultima notte dell’anno. C’è un’ampia scelta di destinazioni che possono aiutarvi a rendere il vostro Capodanno veramente speciale e volando in jet privato potrete sfruttare al massimo ogni singolo secondo del vostro viaggio durante il periodo natalizio. Ecco alcune delle destinazioni famose per le feste di Capodanno con cui terminare il 2018 e iniziare l’anno nuovo in tutto stile.

5 restauranti per cui vale la pena di volare

13 nov 2018

Olive raccolte da un ulivo bonsai o un’anguilla che risale il fiume Po: pur di assaggiare alcuni piatti della tradizione locale vale la pena di noleggiare un jet privato. Visitate questi straordinari ristoranti per provare la gastronomia migliore del mondo.

Le migliori città da visitare in jet privato quest’autunno

13 nov 2018

Le giornate si accorciano e le temperature iniziano a scendere: è il momento ideale per andare in vacanza e godersi il calore del sole e esplorare nuove città per un paio di giorni. Ecco alcune delle destinazioni che Air Partner vi suggerisce, tutte raggiungibili in aereo in poche ore e soprattutto sempre più scelte come meta per le mini-vacanze autunnali da chi viaggia in jet privato.

Quali sono i jet adatti a rotte internazionali?

13 nov 2018

Ecco un confronto tra due jet di grandi dimensioni per viaggiare tra l’Europa e l’America. A parte gli aerei di linea “VIP” convertiti in jet privati, questi velivoli a raggio ultra-lungo sono quelli che vi porteranno il più lontano possibile e sono spesso richiesti dai clienti di Air Partner per voli internazionali.

The benefits of private jet charter for your ski trip

24 ott 2018

Time is the one luxury we cannot buy – and it is particularly precious over the winter and Christmas holidays, when family commitments and intense pressure on flight routes to ski destinations make seamless air travel solutions all the more important.

The efficiencies gained by using a specialist oil & gas aviation services provider

18 ott 2018

There are many benefits to oil & gas operators using fixed-wing charter. Particularly if you consider the efficiency of tailored schedules and bespoke services, from a partner that also keeps industry-leading safety front of mind. These benefits are especially underlined when you use a supplier that truly understands your business. One who knows how to manage the logistical intricacies involved in your everyday operations - whether that's extreme weather, remote or inhospitable locations, working against the clock, or even the outbreak of war.

Diventa un esperto di noleggio velivoli

16 ott 2018

Quando si stanno muovendo i primi passi nel mondo del noleggio velivoli, la terminologia del settore può risultare difficile da capire. Niente paura: abbiamo preparato una breve e semplice guida per aiutarti a decifrarla!

Air Partner ti aiuta a scegliere l’aereo giusto per l’evento giusto

16 ott 2018

Se stai organizzando una conferenza o un evento promozionale su larga scala, il noleggio di un velivolo ti permette di stabilire la destinazione, la rotta e il programma per i tuoi ospiti. Air Partner è qui per aiutarti: affidati alla nostra esperienza nell’organizzare voli charter per gruppi di qualsiasi dimensione, dai 20 ai 20.000 passeggeri.

5 hotel esclusivi per viaggi incentive e di gruppo

15 ott 2018

Se vuoi qualcosa di diverso per il tuo prossimo viaggio incentive o evento di gruppo, perché non dai un’occhiata a queste strutture esclusive? Ti aiuteremo a creare un evento indimenticabile organizzando voli per gruppi di qualsiasi dimensione.

4 vini per cui vale la pena viaggiare

26 set 2018

Perché accontentarsi di una bottiglia di vino della propria cantina, quando si possono assaporare i migliori vini al mondo direttamente nelle tenute in cui vengono prodotti? Un volo in jet privato potrà permettervi di raggiungere destinazioni esclusive in tutto il mondo, dove potrete degustare vini impareggiabili.

5 modi per ottimizzare il tempo di volo

14 set 2018

Nel corso degli anni abbiamo assistito ad un aumento significativo di clienti corporate che hanno iniziato a ottimizzare il tempo passato in volo. Viaggiare privatamente permette ad un evento di iniziare ancora prima che i passeggeri abbiano raggiunto la propria destinazione: i vostri ospiti sono infatti già riuniti in un unico luogo senza distrazioni esterne. Questo consente di massimizzare l’impatto dell’evento e di coinvolgere gli ospiti fin dall’inizio del viaggio.

I 3 migliori jet privati per viaggi di lavoro

12 set 2018

I nostri esperti Account Manager vi assisteranno nella scelta del velivolo per il vostro viaggio d’affari, ma abbiamo notato che questi tre modelli di jet privati sono i più scelti dalle aziende. Si tratta di velivoli Light e Mid-size che offrono diversi vantaggi. Che si debba volare da Zurigo, Francoforte, Parigi, Ginevra o un altro capitale europea, queste opzioni sono perfette per i viaggi di lavoro nel vecchio continente.

How to find the right time-critical logistics provider

04 set 2018

Time-critical deliveries are usually required in order to avoid significant costs. For example, our automotive clients often urgently require delivery of parts to avoid production line disruptions. Medical equipment or relief goods are urgently needed when it comes to natural disasters. Aircraft parts are required to be delivered in the fastest way in order to resolve an aircraft-on-ground situation. In most cases cargo charter or Onboard courier (OBC) solutions are the best options.

Chartering for a music tour - Behind the scenes

03 set 2018

When you are on the road for a long period of time, every detail counts. Our specialist music Charter Manager reveals what goes into a private jet charter for a tour and the complexities of a multi-destination trip. When you are travelling day after day, private charter can provide some familiarity and respite between gigs, as well as the assurance that you will always arrive in plenty of time for the show.

Keep on track with RED-TRACK

03 set 2018

RED-TRACK is our online booking and confirmation system that allows you real-time tracking and gives you total visibility at every stage of your time-critical shipments.

Le cinque migliori isole private per cui vale la pena di volare

14 ago 2018

Con un jet privato si possono visitare alcune delle zone più remote ed idilliache del pianeta. Calette isolate, spiagge private mozzafiato o la natura selvaggia del Serengeti: qualsiasi sia la vostra idea di vacanza perfetta, abbiamo il sospetto che queste destinazioni remote diventeranno presto le vostre preferite. Viaggiando con un jet privato la vostra vacanza inizierà al momento del decollo.

Il Bombardier 7500

26 lug 2018

Arrivando sul mercato come il jet privato più grande mai costruito, il Bombardier Global 7500 fa parte di una nicchia tutta sua.

The top 5 Med destinations for a private jet traveller

04 lug 2018

Whilst travel trends are on the move each year, there are a number of classic Mediterranean destinations that never grow old with private jet flyers. The more exotic destinations such as Morocco are increasingly popular, as well as lesser-known and untapped gems such as Montenegro. However, year on year, we see travellers return to their Mediterranean idylls, whether to settle down in their summer bolthole or pick up their yacht. Here are the top 5 destinations for private jet flyers escaping to the Med this summer.

Why good Emergency Evacuation Plans are bespoke to keep your employees safe

20 giu 2018

Air Partner’s Emergency Planning Division (EPD) provides 24-hour global air evacuation planning and implementation services for any situation that clients deem an emergency. Whether that be transporting support teams to the site of a disaster, flying people out of a dangerous situation, or the last-minute movement of critical equipment.

From Automotive to Movie set, Air Partner has got you covered

12 giu 2018

Air Partner was given the exciting opportunity to coordinate a freight charter on behalf of the Hollywood movie production “Red Sparrow” starring Jennifer Lawrence, which was released in cinemas in spring 2018. The client had a very tight schedule and required for Air Partner to ensure that key equipment required for filming was taken from Bratislava to London for next day filming.

Noleggio di jet privato e prima classe a confronto: qual è il migliore per i viaggi di lavoro?

07 giu 2018

Se voi o la vostra azienda viaggiate regolarmente in prima classe, avrete quasi certamente valutato anche la possibilità di noleggiare un jet privato. Il noleggio offre vantaggi indiscussi e una flessibilità in grado di trasformare le vostre abitudini di volo. Abbiamo raccolto per voi alcune considerazioni e confronti fra il noleggio di un jet privato e la scelta della prima classe per i voli d’affari, per capire quando vale la pena valutare il viaggio in jet charter.

From AOG to OBC

23 mag 2018

We are fast approaching the summer travel period. This is a crucial time for airline schedules and having an Aircraft on the Ground (AOG) during these busy times can have massive ramifications. Mechanical failures have the potential to cost aerospace businesses excessive amounts of time and money, so when resolving an AOG issue, every minute counts.

Tre modi per evitare il jet lag volando in jet privato

26 apr 2018

Il jet lag è un problema comune per chi vola su lunghe distanze e può interessare anche chi è abituato a viaggiare, scegliendo spesso voli privati per lavoro. I suoi sintomi possono essere estenuanti: affaticamento, ansia, nausea e giramenti di testa. Tutto questo può diventare frustrante, soprattutto se si viaggia spesso e non si ha il tempo di prevedere nella propria tabella di marcia momenti di riposo e ripresa.

Get ready for your pre-season tours

25 apr 2018

Chartering Aircraft made simple, Jon Cavalli Air Partner's Commercial Jets Trading Manager discusses how to get the best from your group travel and prepare you for your next pre-season tour.

Guida pasquale al volo privato

22 mar 2018

Nei picchi di alta stagione, gli aeroporti internazionali sono spesso affollati e teatri di complicazioni e stress. Per non parlare dei possibili ritardi e dell’inarrestabile effetto domino degli stravolgimenti sul grande numero di passeggeri in viaggio. Chi usa regolarmente voli charter privati, di certo non opterebbe per un volo di linea in questo periodo dell’anno.

Hunting the Northern Lights

22 mar 2018

On March 17th 2018, Air Partner played their part in chartering approximately 150 astronomers and film crew from Cologne to experience the Northern Lights above the airspace in Iceland.

Interesting facts about cargo charter aircraft you might not know

19 mar 2018

With over 56 years of experience within the aircraft charter industry and thanks to an unsurpassed real-time aircraft availability database, an unbeatable global network of offices, and an unrivalled team of experts, Air Partner is perfectly placed to source any kind of aircraft for all kind of cargo, anywhere in the world.


15 mar 2018

We have teamed up with Prestigious Venues to give you access to some magnificent event venues across the globe. Pair your Group Charter with one of these venues to create an unforgettable experience.

Looking Ahead - Top luxury events for spring 2018

21 feb 2018

As we start to emerge from the dark depths of winter and the promise of spring is just on the horizon, many people are looking ahead to how they will spend their time in 2018. The social calendar really starts to kick off into March, April and May as the weather starts to turn. We have selected 3 unmissable events that should take pride of place in your social calendar this spring. We have also advised the best time to fly by private jet, where to fly into and any considerations to ensure you have the most enjoyable and seamless experience possible.

Essential accessories for travelling by private jet

13 feb 2018

Whilst private jet travel removes the hassle and stress from the experience of flying there are still a few items that can make your journey that little bit more enjoyable. From robotic suitcases to key flying accessories for your pet, we have selected 4 accessories that the discerned traveller won’t want to travel without.

Valentine's Day Trips - Romantic Private Jet Flights

04 feb 2018

Last year we explored some of the more unusual city breaks to fly to by private jet with your loved one for Valentine’s Day. This year, we have reverted to more classic ideas – Paris, Florence and Verbier.

Flying by private jet - winter trends 2018

24 gen 2018

As the memory of the Sun’s warmth fades in Northern Europe, and the collective gloom settles in, those that can will seek to recharge in the mountains or fly south for welcome respite by the pool. It’s a similar story every year and we’ve watched increasing growth in private jet traffic on these routes over the last 5 years.

Catch the Winter Sun by Private Jet

15 gen 2018

With the promise of Spring still seemingly far away, many are seeking to escape January’s cold weather and enjoy some sun in warmer climates.

Air Partner 24 hour air evacuation planning, helping clients globally

02 gen 2018

Our Emergency Planning Division provides 24-hour global air evacuation planning and implementation services for any situation that clients deem an emergency, whether that be flying people out of a dangerous situation, transporting support teams to the site of a disaster, or the last-minute movement of critical equipment.

Jingle all the way with holiday flights by private jet

14 dic 2017

Travelling during the festive season can sometimes be stressful, whether you are travelling home or abroad to see loved ones or planning a flight to the slopes for Christmas & New Year. It is often hard to pre-empt how busy the airports will be and to predict unplanned delays or industrial strikes. No one wants to be late hitting the fresh snow or tucking into their turkey.

Fly to festive Christmas markets by private jet

12 dic 2017

Fly into the festive spirit. Mulled wine, romantic destinations, roasted chestnuts and carollers. Yes, the festive season is already upon us. If you are looking for something a little bit different before Christmas to get you in the festive mood or to prolong the merry spirit, we have a selection of Christmas markets to fly to by private jet that will bring festive cheer to any Christmas Scrooge.

Air Partner completes Arctic mission

30 nov 2017

At Air Partner, we are used to going above and beyond for our clients - even when faced with the most extraordinary requests. For example, this summer we were called upon to fly a client’s equipment from Billund, Denmark, to Station Nord in Greenland for an Arctic expedition.

Get your group together

14 nov 2017

Why not create an unforgettable experience for your next Conference/Incentive with Air Partner TMC using one of our preferred partners Virgin Atlantic.

Just a few steps from the slopes

19 ott 2017

The ski season is nearly upon us and our clients are starting to make their travel plans for their ski holiday. The ski season is traditionally a busy time of the year for our private jets team, who regularly deal with a variety of long lead and last minute bookings.

Where to travel this autumn?

26 set 2017

The season of summer holidays may be over, but there are plenty of exciting and extraordinary places to explore in Autumn. From city-hopping to wine-tasting in Burgundy, here are some travel ideas to inspire you to fly by private jet this Autumn.

Adapting To Changing Travel Needs

18 ago 2017

As football’s appeal grows across the globe so too do club and national team travel commitments. Clive Chalmers, Air Partner’s Trading Director discusses the changing needs of football’s travellers and how charter flights meet those needs ahead of the World Cup in Russia next year.

Programmi di volo per il settore automobilistico

26 giu 2017

Ogni anno, Air Partner gestisce con successo numerosi voli per clienti del settore automobilistico. Domenico di Lecce, Sales & Business Development Manager per Air Partner, parla delle specificità che si riscontrano nella gestione di programmi di volo per gli eventi automobilistici:

Get up to speed with the latest trends in business aviation

22 giu 2017

Although you might have your favourite jet to charter, we believe there is always something new to try. Following our visit to EBACE, here's our top pick of jets to look out for that are currently on or coming soon to the charter market.

After months of disruption, avoid the unexpected this summer with private jet charter

16 giu 2017

As we enter the busy summer period, even more people than usual are relying on smooth and timely air travel to get them to their destinations on time and hassle-free – be it for business or leisure. However, already this year, thousands of passengers have had their travel plans thrown into complete disarray, caused by a variety of reasons.

Aircraft on Ground? When every minute counts...

14 giu 2017

Aircraft on the Ground situations (AOG) are a huge logistical nightmare (and potentially costly) issue for airlines. Grounded aircraft can cause fleet-wide disruptions directly impacting an airlines route schedules and can have much wider implications to an airlines reputation.

America's Cup, Bermuda & Beyond

01 giu 2017

For the first time in history, Bermuda plays host to the America’s Cup. The island transforms itself from a honeymoon getaway with beautiful beaches to the venue for the most prestigious event in sailing.

Shining a new light on the water life

20 apr 2017

There are many reasons to travel to Scotland, but a rare invitation to a VIP experience to the distillery and overnight estate stay in a family home of one of the world’s best known Scotch whisky brands is about as good a reason to go as it gets.

Shining a new light on the water life

20 apr 2017

There are many reasons to travel to Scotland, but a rare invitation to a VIP experience to the distillery and overnight estate stay in a family home of one of the world’s best known Scotch whisky brands is about as good a reason to go as it gets.

Shining a new light on the water life

20 apr 2017

There are many reasons to travel to Scotland, but a rare invitation to a VIP experience to the distillery and overnight estate stay in a family home of one of the world’s best known Scotch whisky brands is about as good a reason to go as it gets.

All Hail the National Geographic Unique Lodges Collection

20 apr 2017

It's in the nature of private jet travelers to seek out inspirational and rare travel experiences. When our private charter clients tell us they want to organise something unforgettable, we work with The Modern Concierge - the London based boutique private travel specialist to meticulously organise and curate experiences to create everlasting memories

All Hail the National Geographic Unique Lodges Collection

20 apr 2017

It's in the nature of private jet travelers to seek out inspirational and rare travel experiences. When our private charter clients tell us they want to organise something unforgettable, we work with The Modern Concierge - the London based boutique private travel specialist to meticulously organise and curate experiences to create everlasting memories

All Hail the National Geographic Unique Lodges Collection

20 apr 2017

It's in the nature of private jet travelers to seek out inspirational and rare travel experiences. When our private charter clients tell us they want to organise something unforgettable, we work with The Modern Concierge - the London based boutique private travel specialist to meticulously organise and curate experiences to create everlasting memories

From one runway to another: why flying privately is always in vogue among fashion’s elite

21 mar 2017

At Air Partner, we work with clients from all walks of life, but they don’t come any more glamorous than those from the fashion industry. The stylish worlds of private aviation and fashion have always been closely linked - whether it’s helping brands with product launches, global PR campaigns, press tours or photoshoots - and it’s one trend that endures season after season.

Why Flying private is the ultimate first class service

27 feb 2017

Many who travel for leisure often focus on the destination – finding the perfect location, booking the finest hotels and seeking out the best restaurants – and can miss out on a number of benefits if they choose to fly commercially. If you are flying for business, however, and don't have the luxury of choosing your destination, you can still reap the benefits of flying privately in other ways. At Air Partner, we know what a difference private air travel makes – especially when your time is valuable. But, as our clients can attest, the reasons extend far beyond simply fitting more hours into the day.

Fall in love with alternative city breaks this Valentine’s Day

01 feb 2017

Paris may be the City of Love and Venice considered the most romantic city on earth, but why not treat your loved one to something a little bit different this Valentine’s Day? Europe is full of hidden gems that shouldn’t be overlooked: as well as avoiding the crowds, you might just fall in love with somewhere totally unexpected!

Air Partner takes a white Christmas from dream to reality

18 gen 2017

Here at Air Partner, we pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of service and ensuring that we cater to all our clients’ needs – whatever these may be. We also love Christmas, so we were thrilled to be asked to organise a family trip to Lapland in December. The task: to get 15 passengers from the UK to Lapland in the most magical way possible, rivalling even Santa’s sleigh.

Why schools turn to Air Partner for an A-grade service

13 gen 2017

As we all know, nothing can put a dampener on a holiday or trip like an airline strike – especially if it results in your flight being cancelled altogether. And when the trip in question involves a large number of students, it becomes even more stressful still.

Top 10 Destinations to Escape to this Winter

22 dic 2016

While December may be many people’s favourite time of the year, the same cannot be said for January. The champagne has been drunk, the presents have been opened, and we have made a whole load of New Year’s resolutions that we know we probably won’t keep. If there is ever a time for a holiday, it’s January: whether you want to chase the winter sun or enjoy soft powder in the mountains, here are Air Partner’s top 10 destinations that are guaranteed to chase away the blues.

Why Abu Dhabi deserves a place on your conference and incentive travel list

19 dic 2016

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to attend a familiarisation trip to Abu Dhabi, which was hosted by Air Partner’s Travel department, Etihad Airways, Yas Viceroy Hotel and Gulf Dunes (represented by Five Star Filler). The aim of the trip was to show the eight event agencies what a great option the city is for conferences and incentive travel.

Air Partner #1 at Transporting dangerous cargo

26 ott 2016

At Air Partner, standard, ‘everyday’ types of freight are the kind of things we can transport with ease. But some types of cargo are less routine – and come with bigger challenges. That’s where our experience with flying dangerous goods and hazardous cargo comes into play. From gases to flammable liquids, corrosives to miscellaneous dangerous goods, no one’s better prepared – or better equipped – to get your cargo precisely where it needs to be.

Air Partner proves that flying orchestras is their forte

13 ott 2016

Picture an orchestra and what do you see? Musicians in glamourous outfits playing to packed concert halls? Unfortunately, the reality for the players themselves is not always so glamorous: it involves a lot of travel, late nights and hard work.

Air Partner keeps the wheels turning at Formula One

26 set 2016

The Malaysian and Japanese Grands Prix are just around the corner, and Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are still locked in a fierce race to become the 2016 Formula One World Champion. Once again, the rivalry between the two teams has been the main talking point of the season, and it has led to more than one collision between the pair.


06 set 2016

It’s coming around to that time of the year again, when we stop daydreaming about beaches and bikinis, and start thinking ahead to crisp mountain air and soft white powder. With that in mind, Air Partner has pulled together a list of some of its favourite resorts from around the world, which are guaranteed to have something for everyone – whether you are there to hit the slopes, or just the apres-ski.

Group travel solutions for the Automotive Industry

30 ago 2016

After a busy few months for the company, Clive Chalmers, Director Commercial Jets UK, discusses Air Partner’s expertise in the automotive industry – from the most popular destinations for industry events, to the finer details of making the journey as time-efficient and comfortable as possible for passengers.

Air Partner: saving Oil & Gas companies time and money in austere times

18 ago 2016

The Oil & Gas industry is notoriously unpredictable. As a result, operations often need to be carried out to a tight time frame, not to mention a tight budget. Air charter specialists provide energy companies with the timely logistical solutions they need in a cost-effective way – whilst also giving them the flexibility that is so important in such a changeable industry. The importance of having a supplier that truly understands their needs is of the utmost importance, due to the precise operating demands, exacting time considerations and safety protocols involved.

Get your last-minute Rio trip off the blocks

12 ago 2016

The action in Rio kicked off with a bang on Friday, and the event is now in full swing. However, for all of you who have spent the last few days glued to your TV screens, it is still not too late to experience the action in person. Scheduled flights may have been booked up months in advance, but Air Partner can still get you there.

Learning to fly

02 ago 2016

At Air Partner, we pride ourselves on having a significant level of in-house expertise that we can call upon to deliver that bit extra to our clientele, since most of our employees have enjoyed long careers in the aviation sector. From ex-air traffic controllers, ramp agents and airline operations teams to long-serving military personnel and pilots, we are able to draw from this considerable pool of skills to deliver our charter solutions anytime, anywhere and anyhow.

Let’s get this party chartered

19 lug 2016

Here at Air Partner we’ve seen a rise in the number of ‘party charters’ over the last few years as people look to kick off their celebrations with a bang. After all, why should the party only start when you have arrived at your destination? For us, travelling is about much more than simply getting from A to B and we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to accommodate even the most unusual of requests. On-board disco anyone?

Hot Boutique Getaways

07 lug 2016

This month we’ve turned to Original Travel, the creative luxury travel company, to give you their take on where’s hot for a Boutique getaway. Whenever we discover an absolute gem of a hotel here at Original Travel, it’s fair to say that something of an internal battle commences. Do we let the cat out of the bag or stay schtum and keep it secret? Well, our inner blabber-mouths just can’t keep it together anymore; from beach-side retreats to desert boutiques, here are a few of our favourites…

Lessons I’ve learnt from climbing some of the highest peaks in the world

22 giu 2016

Air Partner’s Sales Manager Ty Smith has spent the last 5 years trying to climb the world’s tallest peaks in order to raise £100,000 for the nurses who provide palliative care at Pilgrims Hospices, in memory of his mother. Having recently returned from Denali, the highest mountain in North America, he shares with us some of the lessons he’s learnt along the way.

Get the ball rolling ahead of the Champions League Final

25 mag 2016

Bar managers across the Spanish capital are no doubt rubbing their hands with glee as Real Madrid and old rivals Atlético Madrid prepare to go head to head (and foot to foot) in the 2016 UEFA Champions League final on Saturday.

The 2016 Ibiza Experience

23 mag 2016

Whether you are looking for the perfect month long Ibiza villa experience, or even simply like the idea of flying there and back in a day for lunch, Air Partner & The Modern Modern Concierge can make it all happen beautifully for you. Simply speak with your Air Partner Account Manager.

Signed, sealed, delivered, it’s yours!

24 apr 2016

In previous blogs, we’ve spoken about the logistics of moving people and cargo around the world. Yet another vital service that Air Partner provides is the task of reselling and transporting the planes themselves, and Air Partners’ Cabot Aviation is a leader in their field. 

Reaching for the stars

07 apr 2016

Who hasn’t wished that they could fly among the stars? At Air Partner, we help to make this dream a reality through our partnership with Eclipse Reisen. Ok, admittedly we might not be able to take you all the way into space, but we can get you a very good view indeed!

Rocking all over the world

20 mar 2016

For the majority of us, when rock bands and private aviation appear in the same sentence, our thoughts quickly turn to glamour, champagne and jets. Which is fair enough, given that it's often the case: let’s face it, you're unlikely to see Sir Elton and David Furnish on Ryanair's London to Nice service.

Ebola relief work winds down after more than a year

25 nov 2015

The weekend of the 7th and 8th November marked a promising milestone in the fight against Ebola, with Sierra Leone being declared Ebola-free by the World Health Organisation and no new cases  reported in Guinea – a first since the epidemic broke out in March last year.

Smells like ‘team’ spirit

12 nov 2015

With aircraft charter becoming increasingly popular with sports teams, the demand for our services from this sector has risen. Here’s a small insight into our day to day activities in the field of aircraft charter. 

Emergency Planning ahead of political tensions in Congo

04 nov 2015

In these ever more turbulent times, duty of care to employees has become paramount. Whether it’s natural disaster, war, humanitarian aid or security issues, having a well structured evacuation plan is essential to employee safety in times of crisis.

Ascot's Red Bull Air Race 2015

12 ago 2015

During the weekend of Saturday 15th – Sunday 16th August, the Royal Ascot racecourse will not be sporting horses – but instead will welcome the fastest motor sport series in the world.

Successful AOG delivery minimises cost of disruption

10 lug 2015

Air Partner Freight team received an urgent AOG enquiry early one Saturday morning. The customer wanted to transport a combination of urgent spare parts and a small team of engineers from UK to Azerbaijan (Baku).

Air Partner Freight sends vital medical supplies to Libya

17 mag 2015

We teamed up with a fellow WCA member to perform a number of urgent charter flights into conflict-torn Libya. The delivery of humanitarian aid is often complex and involves working under pressure in very challenging situations. Here at Air Partner we have years of experience with highly practiced procedures in place and a great team that works 24/7 to ensure the job gets done.

Cannes Film Festival

12 mag 2015

The Cannes Film Festival is a popular destination for private jet flyers, and the place to be this May.

Insight into our world of aircraft charter

10 mag 2015

Timing is everything in our job. From being in the right place, at the right time to service a new customer - to locating an aircraft that wouldn’t usually be available in a particular destination. Timing is an element that is in the background of most things we do.

Why Charter Is So Important For Sports Teams

19 apr 2015

In 2014, we chartered aircraft for 132 flights to fly football teams safely to their matches. We predict this figure will grow with Air Partner year on year. As well as reducing travel times, here’s why chartering is so important for Sports teams.


13 apr 2015

From private jets to direct helicopter charters, we'll ensure you won't miss a thing.

City Breaks

19 mar 2015

Experience the ease, comfort and luxury of private jet travel for your next city break.

Formula One

13 mar 2015

Experience the exhilaration of Formula One by taking off with the ultimate travel experience.


06 mar 2015

Whether you will be playing golf or watching the pros, Air Partner is ready to organise your flight.

From Extravagant to Everyday

01 gen 2015

Private Jet Charter comes in many forms. Although the general view of private jets is perceived as celebrities and the business elite making a big statement, this is in fact rarely the case and far from the truth.