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Wheels Up Aircraft Management

Personalized. Simplified.​
At Wheels Up, we believe that each aircraft owner is as unique as their travel needs, which is why we have a suite of management solutions available. Whether you're looking for maintenance support or full aircraft management, our team are on hand to help you find the right option for your needs which means you get to spend more time simply enjoying the freedom, comfort, and privacy of your aircraft-while leaving the rest to us.

For owners who are the primary users of the aircraft (part 91) or want the option to tap into our flight demand to generate charter revenue (part 135)

For owners and corporations who wish to place their aircraft on our certificate for the purpose of generating charter revenue to offset operating costs

For owners who only require maintenance oversight and coordination or brokers who need an aircraft maintained while it is on the market

Your trusted partner

Our long-standing history and over 35 years of experience in developing industry relationships has established a foundation that delivers the highest safety standards, provides exclusive savings and offers extensive resources to support your aviation needs during the ownership lifecycle.

Our Service

Your aircraft management experience starts and ends with your dedicated Wheels Up Account Manager. From accounting to flight ops to maintenance and more, your Account Manager is your central point of contact and is committed to providing you with world-class services and a seamless experience.

Delivering Savings

We are committed to making the operation of your aircraft as time-saving and cost-efficient as possible. Our partnerships, fleet volume, and purchasing power enable us to deliver cost reductions to you in fuel, training, insurance, and other areas.

Whether you're an experienced aircraft owner or new to aircraft ownership and management, our team of experts is ready to discuss our programs that are designed to match exactly what you are looking for and need.

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