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Empty Legs

Save up to 75% on a private jet flight

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How Do Empty Legs Work?

Empty legs are flights that are due to operate without any passengers as the aircraft repositions back to its base, or is going elsewhere to be ready for its next flight. If you are flexible and can move quickly, you could hop aboard the empty leg and save up to 75% on the cost of a conventional private jet charter.

Browse the table below for our latest empty legs or stay informed with our weekly empty leg availability email.

Available Empty Legs

Date From To Aircraft Seats Price from
26 Aug 2019 Oxford Malaga Cessna Citation Excel/XLS 7-9 £9600 Details
26 Aug 2019 Paris Le Bourget Naples Cessna Citation Sovereign 8 £10600 Details
26 Aug 2019 London Luton Faro Cessna Citation Excel/XLS 7-9 £14000 Details
27 Aug 2019 Farnborough Teterboro Gulfstream 4 & Gulfstream 450 11-18 £50000 Details
27 Aug 2019 Verona Faro Gulfstream 4 & Gulfstream 450 11-18 £12600 Details
28 Aug 2019 Farnborough Bastia Hawker 800XP 6-10 £6950 Details
29 Aug 2019 Stansted Palma de Mallorca Embraer Legacy 12-15 £15000 Details
01 Sep 2019 Preveza Luton Cessna Citation Excel/XLS 7-9 £14000 Details
01 Sep 2019 Newcastle Cannes Cessna Citation Jet 2 6-7 £5500 Details
05 Sep 2019 London Oxford Palma de Mallorca Cessna Citation Excel/XLS 7-9 £8500 Details
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