Sharing the personalised private flight experience with your pets

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Without a doubt, we love pets of all kinds. Even more, we love flying pets to destinations across the world. Whether you've flown privately with your pet before, or now deciding to bring your dog or cat along for the next family holiday, there are quite a few things to consider for pet travel. Our Private Jets team help you to ensure all the details are taken care of for your private flights with us. We accommodate your pets in every way for a seamless experience, so you and your pet can make the journey together with complete peace of mind.

To arrange to fly with your pets, simply let our Private Jets team know when making your flight booking. Request to fly with your pet, and do let us know how we can best provide for any special requests for your dog, cat or other pets. Generally, we recommend that your pets health certificates and paperwork be up to date, so it is always good to check your documents and with your vet before you travel. If you have more than one pet, or larger-sized pets, we can ensure that we provide the most appropriate private jet aircraft for you and your pets to sit comfortably and fit safely.

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