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Our vision is to make every flight a superior experience, using our expertise to provide innovative solutions that exceed customers’ needs. This is how we build our brand reputation, grow sales and profits, and deliver long-term value to our people and shareholders.

Five key pillars underpin our vision:

Putting our customers first

In a fiercely competitive market place, repeat business is the most effective and efficient way of achieving sustainable growth.

Our aim is to become industry leaders, clearly different from the competition, putting the customer first in all we do and delivering an exceptional customer experience, consistently and proactively.

Strengthening our core offer

Air Partner is looking to strengthen its core broking offer by developing its people and looking to recruit individuals or teams where they can bring opportunities.

Developing and retaining our people

Our people are critical to delivering our objective of putting the customer first and ensuring we have the ability to deliver our core product offering.

To ensure we retain and develop our people, Air Partner:

  • Is committed to training - through a long-standing partnership with Cranfield University, as well as professional training for finance and internal courses;
  • Gives employees experience of working in other parts of the Group, where appropriate;
  • Offers performance related remuneration, such as commission for brokers as well as bonuses for achieving local, Group and personal targets; and
  • Operates a structured and regular appraisal process.

Creating and maintaining a diversified portfolio of customers

While each segment of our business provides a different service or expertise, they remain interconnected.

In addition, addressing new markets, both geographically and by function, should spread the risk and smooth the impact of economic cycles in specific markets.

It should be noted that no one customer represents greater than 10% of Air Partner’s revenues.

Building the Air Partner brand

The air charter market is fragmented and highly competitive, and therefore differentiation is key to being able to stand out from the competition. Air Partner has traded longer than any of its competitors and has over 50 years', accumulated knowledge and skills, and remains the only publicly traded aircraft broker globally. In addition, Air Partner has achieved ISO 9001 accreditation.

Air Partner’s size and scale enables us to handle projects that some of our competitors would find impossible, and the strength of our balance sheet also instills confidence in our customers and stakeholders. In addition, the Group’s scale enables the simplification and consolidation of back office functionality in order to achieve efficiencies.