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Freight Services

All cargo is precious to someone. That someone is us.

Time critical, outsize, hazardous - however substantial or complex the freight you need to take flight, and whenever you need it to be, you can rely on Air Partner to get it there on time and on budget. Medical supplies to Mogadishu? Tyres to Tyrol? Drill bits to Dar es Salaam? We are the perfect partner to take the weight off your shoulders.

Air Partner has been one of our suppliers for over 10 years. When in need of urgent time critical assistance, they can always be relied upon.



Whatever the size, whatever the shape, and wherever you need your cargo to be flown, Air Partner has the expertise, global network and 24/7 support to make sure it gets there safely, securely, on time and on budget.


Some of the biggest names in the energy industry rely on Air Partner Freight to deliver the goods in some of the most challenging situations imaginable.

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Aircraft Parts (AOG)

Major airlines across the globe trust Air Partner Freight for rapid, economical AOG response. Our dependable service and expertise ensures you don’t have to worry about schedule disruption, passenger inconvenience, crew expenses, and – most important of all – your reputation.

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Automotive Parts

Many of the world’s leading J.I.T. producers benefit from the reassurance of having Air Partner’s air freight aircraft on standby to cover those short-notice priority deliveries that always seem to pop up at the most inconvenient times.

Dangerous Goods Transport

Transporting dangerous goods and hazardous materials, you need to rely on a safe pair of hands, experienced at all the possible risks involved. That’s exactly what you get with Air Partner.

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Humanitarian Aid

Air Partner’s unrivalled experience, advanced technical support and vast global reach make us the first (and only) choice for numerous governments and aid organisations for air charter flights to deliver disaster relief and humanitarian aid worldwide.

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General Cargo

Small, medium, large, outsize, extra capacity, time critical. If you need them transporting anywhere on the globe, Air Partner can help you with the minimum fuss and the maximum efficiency.

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Secure & High Value Cargo

When it absolutely, positively, definitely has to be there safe, secure and in one piece, Air Partner is there for you to rely on every step of the way.

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Time Critical Freight

Time is money. It’s also reputation – ours and yours. That’s why we provide secure, time critical, door-to-door delivery of your cargo to destinations worldwide 24/7.

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Heavy Freight

To fly heavy freight and outsize cargo anywhere in the world, turn to the specialists - Air Partner.

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Air Partner's RED-TRACK real-time tracking system provides you with smart, instant, in-transit visibility on every order.


Additional Time Critical Freight Services

We have decades of experience in offering urgent, dependable, cost-effective global logistics solutions.

Next Flight Out (NFO)

Working with Air Partner gives you unbeatable access to air cargo capacity on scheduled air-freight for same-day shipments, overnight or next-day shipments.

Express road transport

When speed is of the essence, turn to Air Partner for competitively priced, non-stop, door-to-door transport for your cargo.

On-board courier

Use our On-Board Courier service to move small packages and documents on a regular scheduled passenger flight.

Popular Aircraft

Metro III

Information on the Metro III small freight aircraft with dimensions and images.

Antonov AN-12

Information on the Antonov AN-12 medium freight aircraft with dimensions and images.

Antonov AN124

Information on the Antonov AN124 outsize freight aircraft with dimensions and images

Boeing B747-200F

Information on the Boeing B747-200F heavy freight aircraft with dimensions and images.