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Guaranteed availability with no peak day fees

Available for purchase through December 15, 2016, this limited-edition card offers all the usual perks of Air Partner membership, with no peak-day surcharges for any flights booked on holiday travel days through January 31, 2017. 2016 Holiday JetCard

Private jet availability can be extremely limited during the busy holiday travel season, but clients purchasing this exlusive JetCard will enjoy guaranteed availability, as well as round-trip discounts of 20%, flight credit that never expires, and access to four global service areas.

Air Partner JetCard rates are also fully inclusive with no fuel surcharges or cabin interchange fees. 

To find out more or to purchase the 2016 holiday JetCard, please call +1 888 359 4349 or click here. The Holiday JetCard is available to US residents only. 


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About Air Partner

Air Partner is the global leader in private aviation. Founded in 1961, we have more experience than any other private aviation company, and we continue to set the benchmark for service and safety in the industry today. 

Our network of offices spans North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and our comprehensive range of services is backed by the financial resources and stability of a publicly traded company. 

Our success is  result of our dedication to providing high-quality, tailored charter solutions, as well as our commitment to building long-term relationships with our clients. 

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*Offers available to US residents only.