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Our JetCard doesn't just open aircraft doors.

25+ hours flight time on a wide choice of aircraft


Fly whenever you want, to wherever you need at very short notice with no peak hour restrictions.

JetCard is designed for busy individuals whose time is precious yet relish the opportunity to enjoy life's pleasures.


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  • How it worksPurchase hours. Fly.

    The JetCard buys 25 hours or more of flying time in your choice of six private jet categories, with guaranteed availability.


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A memorable way to start a memorable weekend. Stress free, 1st class experience.

Simon & Samantha JetCard members

Fixed pricing

You only pay for the time you fly: aircraft positioning, fuel, landing fees and catering are all included. No monthly management fees, no peak day restrictions and no fuel surcharges.

Guaranteed availability

Simply tell us where you need to be and we make it happen, guaranteed with only 24 hours' notice. One call and you are on your way. 

New generation jets

Access the broadest range of aircraft across six categories, each jet younger than 10 years to ensure you always fly on a superior fleet.

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Available JetCard categories.

Cabin sizeTypical seating
VERY LIGHT JET 4 passengers
LIGHT 6 passengers
MIDSIZE 7 passengers
SUPER MIDSIZE 8 passengers
LARGE 10 passengers
GLOBAL 14 passengers

Jetcard Ranges

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