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The Air Partner JetCard

Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, the Air Partner JetCard offers the most flexible jet card option for today’s traveler.

  • Pre-purchased flight time starting at 10 hours
  • Your choice of four private jet categories with guaranteed availability
  • Fully refundable account balances with flight credit that never expires
  • No monthly management fees or long term contracts
  • No peak-day restrictions
  • Discounts on qualifying return trips
  • The freedom to apply JetCard funds towards on demand jet charter

We offer two convenient membership types, JetCard and JetCard Sterling, allowing you to tailor a program to your specific needs. With JetCard, you fly on the latest jet models with an average age of five years. Or, choose JetCard Sterling and gain access to a broader range of aircraft.

Take multiple jets or switch between private jet categories without penalty, and when we offer a superior cabin size to the one requested, you do not incur a premium. You will also receive discounts on qualifying return trips.

And if you no longer require your JetCard you can leave the program at any time without penalty and with a full refund on unused jet card hours.

As a JetCard member, you'll also enjoy:

  • Your own dedicated account manager
  • Global service
  • A professional service with 24/7 flight support

The Air Partner JetCard makes your private jet travel as hassle-free,safe and comfortable as possible.

Contact us today to find out more, or call 1-888-359-4349.

JetCard Prices JetCard Prices

Simply choose your membership, cabin size and flight hours, and fixed hourly rates will be deducted from your balance.

JetCard Cabin Classes JetCard Cabin Classes

Choose from a wide range of private jets with guaranteed aircraft availability.

JetCard Compared to Fractional JetCard Compared to Fractional

See how Air Partner's jet card program compares to 50 hours of fractional ownership

Carbon-Neutral JetCard Carbon-Neutral JetCard

Air Partner enables you to fully offset the aircraft emissions from your private jet travel.

Why Air Partner JetCard Why Air Partner JetCard

JetCard provides the most flexible option for private jet travel with fair pricing and superior service. 

JetCard vs. The Competition

See why our jet card program is ranked the "best priced....most flexible" of the US jet membership programs.

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