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At Air Partner, we understand better than any other charter broker the importance of completing a safe and successful mission. And just like you, we know how critical the right flight arrangements can be to making this happen.

Government and military tasks are complex, demanding and often operate under extremely stressful conditions. There is no room for delay, there is no room for error. When speed, security, efficiency and accuracy are everything, you need to be working alongside people you can trust and depend on. Air Partner can assist in chartering aircraft to ensure the efficiency you need.

Air Partner has decades of experience in arranging all types of charter flights – both passenger and freight - on behalf of governments and military organizations worldwide.  We provide charter flights to the most remote locations, including hostile areas, and transport sensitive cargo through our time critical freight charter service.

From a high-profile VIP arrival to a tactical troop extraction by night, our professional, specialist teams have the experience, resources and back-up you need to get the job done the way you want it done.

The same applies to cargo. From diplomatic bags and tent cities to ordnance, fuel and critical spares, our end-to-end logistical support team will work with you to complete the mission successfully.

To reduce costs, diplomatic and civil flight clearances are handled in-house and our smart commercial procurement procedures maximize efficiency.

Air Partner has the resources on hand to help you coordinate any of the following:

•    Ad hoc commercial jet charter
•    Ad hoc private jet charter
•    Time-critical freight charter
•    VIP services
•    Flight tracking and planning
•    Emergency planning and evacuation charter flights

Air Partner has the experience, global reach and financial strength to assist in every mission. To find out more about us, and how we can help you, call or email today.

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