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Aviation Solutions

Safety critical. Time critical. Business critical.

Oil & Gas is an industry like no other. Which makes it all the more pertinent that Air Partner is no ordinary flight service operator.

We understand the logistical intricacies involved in everyday operations are as unique as they are challenging.

We have unparalleled experience of dealing with extreme weather, remote inhospitable locations, political issues, civil unrest, and even war.

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Aircraft Charter in the Oil and Gas industry

Air Partner plc provide dependable aviation solutions to support the Oil & Gas industry as a daily routine.

Air Partner acquires Baines Simmons

Air Partner is very excited to announce the acquisition of this world leading aviation and consultancy firm.

Air Partner have been trusted to fly:

  • Global Royalty & Heads of State
  • Air ambulance & organ transplant flights
  • Emergency evacuations for both governments & companies

aircraft charter

For all your crew rotations, create the schedule and choose the closest airport, often not serviced by scheduled airlines. 


For outsize and time critical drill bits and pipes, our experienced frieght team can find the right aircraft for you and your mission.