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Group Charter

Be it business or pleasure (or a bit of both), you have a wide variety of aircraft charter options with Air Partner. It could be a one-off aircraft charter or a long-term flight program; an all-economy airliner, or a VIP-configured aircraft. Whichever form your aircraft charter takes, you benefit from the unrivalled experience, global supplier relations, and 24/7 support that only Air Partner can offer.

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  • Fly to 2018 World Cup Russia

    Charter flights to World Cup 2018 for corporate groups, sponsors, teams and supporters. We provide reliable private air charter for all match destinations in Russia. Plan group air travel and transportation.

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For over 50 years, the Air Partner team has worked with all kinds of industries, including Sport, Music and Film, Oil and Gas and Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events. 

It means that if you need to transport any number from 20 to 20,000 passengers, we’re your one-stop shop. 

With an airliner charter, you set the schedule and the route, we work out all the details and ensure your aircraft are exactly to your requirements and budget. We can even integrate scheduled flights as required.

With a dedicated account manager at your service, organizing every aspect of your charter flight, from air transport to ground transport, connections and transfers to accommodation, security and in-flight services, you know you are in safe hands. We can even brand your aircraft to make you look impressive on the ground and outstanding in the air.


For long-term charter programs such as those needed by tour operators and cruise companies, our series charter experts are on-hand to find you the best aircraft charter solution. And if you don't need a whole aircraft, why not take advantage of our travel agency's group booking benefits.

We're here for all, no matter how big or small or niche the offering, we can help boost capacity during peak times or provide aircraft for the duration of your programme.  Our 50 years' experience has built long-term relationships with hundreds of airlines all over the world to ensure you make the most of your budget.

From due diligence on quality assurance to our on-board offering - including leather seats, excellent in-flight meals, prime slots, route choice, and weekend capacity (if that's what you're after) - we have the resources, financial strength and unrivalled experience to answer the most demanding requests.

  • ServicePLUSFly how you want to fly.

    From discreet air charter to branding your name on the plane itself, we can make your flight just the way you want it with options to enhance your travel experience.

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  • Flying isn't just about getting from A to B

    Charter an aircraft for 20 or more passengers and make your experience truly memorable.

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Unrivalled service, at your service AIRLINER CHARTER

Be it business or pleasure (or both), you have a wide variety of charter options with Air Partner. It could be a one-off commercial aircraft charter or a long-term flight program; an all-economy airliner or a VIP-configured aircraft. Whatever you need, you benefit from the unrivalled experience, global supplier relations, and 24/7 superior support that only Air Partner can offer.

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Additional services

It is not just the flight itself that makes Air Partner stand out, but the seamless experience we create throughout the passengers' travel. 


A wide range of flight enhancement options to customize your travel experience, including custom catering, in-flight amenities, and even branding the aircraft - interior and exterior!

Emergency Planning

Our Emergency Planning Division provides international air evacuations for companies and governments worldwide. 


Travel services

Our support starts long before you reach the aircraft. Hotel bookings, transfers, group scheduled flights, even private helicopter transfers are all part of the service.

Popular Aircraft Models

Embraer 145

A new-generation regional jet, proving very popular with passengers today.

Airbus A320

A new-generation single-aisle twin jet. The cabin is light and spacious, and the aircraft is very popular and exceptionally quiet.

Boeing B767-300

A quiet, twin-engine, wide-body jet designed for medium-haul flights, the series 300 is the larger of the two 767 variants. Highly recommended.

Airbus A330-200

A new-generation wide-body twin jet for the long-haul market, with the most modern of cabins with the latest of features.